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Beneficiation of iron mines in the direction of technology development

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Beneficiation of iron mines in the direction of technology development

April 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Although some of our iron ore beneficiation technology and quality has reached international advanced level, but China’s iron ore poor, mixed, small, and characteristics of many kinds, iron and steel industry of the new requirements of iron ore and other mineral processing workers to put forward our New challenges. Therefore, China Metallurgical mining Mineral Processing technology still has a deeper development:

1.       Application to magnetic separation – reverse flotation, efficient magnetic separation (magnetic re-election) as the representative of high quality iron ore beneficiation technology, beneficiation process should be as efficient, simple, should be strengthened Of mineral processing equipment , processing technology research, as the most appropriate process to achieve the best results. Anti-flotation process to improve the recovery of the metal has an important prospects, should actively promote research on the anti-flotation reagent.

2. In the continuing emphasis on reduction of iron ore and Iron silicon technology, the future should pay attention to reducing other harmful impurities technology research, including S, P, K, Na, F and so on.

3. We should further strengthen dissemination size fine red iron ore and iron ore beneficiation complex multi-metal red technology research, to further improve the utilization of lean red iron ore.

4. In grinding, sorting equipment, should be good grasp of the future energy-saving equipment, the introduction of super fine crushing and cooperative development, should increase the introduction and assimilation of advanced foreign technology and equipment to work as soon as possible to enhance the overall level of technical equipment of iron ore. Supporting cast also consider the coarse end of the development process and research work related equipment. Recycling should be further strengthened to effectively micro-fine iron minerals processing equipment in the development of energy-efficient, including the permanent magnetic devices, micro flotation machine and the flotation column and so on. To re-election with a multi-stage multi-tube magnetic separator performance more in-depth study.

5. In the pharmaceutical processing areas, should focus on the development of various ore adaptable, efficient, low temperature, non-toxic agent; study also prepared, but the added compound agent; the current focus of research and development that can be non-flotation Silicate gangue minerals are quartz efficient collector, to expand scope of application of anti-flotation process.

6. Flotation equipment in the current study and conservation of the large-scale direction, grain size flotation limit reduced, the complex force field introduced into the flotation machine, in addition to the automatic control of flotation should also strengthen the research. Flotation column for the application in the iron mines there is still much work to do, with great prospects.

7. In the filter dewatering equipment: 1) research and development efficiency filter media; 2) Development of multi-functional integrated components, enhanced sealing; 3) the development of composite filtering technology and equipment; 4) equipment, large-scale, energy saving and automation.

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