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Best natural alternative to artificial sand, sand making machine for sale

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Best natural alternative to artificial sand, sand making machine for sale

July 6, 2023 nflg 0 Comments


Natural sand is non-renewable resources, with the large-scale exploitation, is increasingly drying up. The application of sand will effectively promote the development of western China and central China, on the promotion of co-ordinating the development of central and western significant.

Sand is the natural rock crushed by the crusher device, and then filter into the rock particles. Sand and sand and other natural sands, compared with stable quality, reasonable with the advantages of particle size. In some developed countries and regions, such as Japan, the United Kingdom has 100% of the sand used as building sand.

NFLG machinery supplies jaw crusher , impact crusher , VSI crusher, vibrating screen , belt conveyor , vibrating feeder for high quality manufactured sand making plant. Our manufactured sand production line features high production, low circulating load, tolerance to load variationin the feed grading, high tolerance to moisture, excellent shape and control over the generation of micro fines.

With the development of infrastructure in recent years, the shortage of natural sand is already in the state, now coupled into the cement business, it is difficult to meet the development needs of the industry. Heavy Veken lots of manpower and material resources for this, professional development to create new aggregate production materials, this is the tailings. Sand, a sand machine manufacturer Veken Heavy Industry Authority is a production of large and medium-sized sand equipment , set the development, production and sales of mining machinery manufacturing enterprises. The company after years of development, the production of a series of sand making equipment widely used in various metal and nonmetal mines, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass materials, construction aggregate, sand and gravel production, and metallurgical industries.

Development of mineral resources in the national economy plays a very important position, China has more than 95% energy and 85% of industrial raw materials from mineral resources, mineral resources, but is a non-renewable natural resources. Now with the cement into the concrete, sand and gravel aggregate industry, the cement and concrete sand and gravel aggregate industry in customer, market, mineral resources, technology and equipment, and human resource advantages of a high degree of complementarity and integration, making the cement companies to enter Cement Concrete Aggregates business development industry has become bigger and stronger one of the important patterns. There is a growing emphasis on the comprehensive utilization of tailings and governance issues. In order to improve the utilization of mineral resources, extend the useful life, and to protect the ecological environment of human life.

Along with infrastructure investment and the rapid development of urbanization, the country’s demand for aggregate and sand are also in a rapid growth period. For cement companies have advantages in resources – mines, and strong market and advantages of cement into the aggregate industry out of the current plight of the enterprise space with great.

sand making machine

Sand making machine is used for making artificial sand or manufactured sand instead of natural sand, from stones or rocks. In the sand making plant, it is used with other sand crushing machine in fine and medium size crushing of rocks, stones, minerals for building sand, aggregate and concrete. NFLG Sand making machines are of high efficiency and high performance crusher, low in maintenance and operating cost. The final artifical sand is cubic with grounded edges. Artificial sand and aggregate is used in preparing good quality concrete for building and construction purpose, so the sand particle must be equiexed cuboidal and glommed edges.

VSI crusher for high quality manufactured sand

As the raw materials for producing manufactured sand is generated in the crushing of conventional aggregates, after the pre-crushing, the materials will be fed into VSI crusher for sand making. VSI crusher can generate particles with ideal gradation and particle shape for concrete production. It also can produce mortar sand with a top size of 2.4mm.

Manufactured sand with high levels of micro fines improves some important concrete properties such as compressive strength, workability, shrinkage, permeability and resistance to abrasion. The manufactured sand sizes are 0-2.4mm(for plaster sand), 0-4.5mm(for concrete sand) etc.

Artifical Sand making flow

There is scarcity of natural sand due to heavy demand in growing construction activities which forces to find the suitable substitute for sand. The cheapest and the easiest way of getting substitute for natural sand is by crushing natural stone to get artificial sand of desired size and grade which would be free from all impurities.

The advantage of using good river sand is that it mixes easily with concrete and bonds well, making the plastering work less cumbersome for the masons and giving a good finish to the buildings. But on the other hand, the continuous mining of sand causes environmental problems.

In such a scenario, artificial sand is seen as a welcome alternative to natural sand. NFLG has hit upon the idea of designing a kind of sand making machine in order to making sands from many kinds of stones . The artificial sand would be available in two grades – 1-3 mm for plastering and 3-5 mm for all construction work. As it would be double-washed and silt-free, it would bond better with concrete and would require lesser curing time than river sand.

The raw material is transferred to jaw crusher for primary crushing by vibrating feeder , then the crushed materials whose size is larger than 40 mm are transferred to vsi crusher through belt conveyor for secondary crushing. The materials crushed will be transferred to the vibrating screen. The materials with suitable size will be transferred to vsi crusher, after being washed by sand washers, then clean final products will be discharged. The others with unsuitable size will be screened from vibrating screen, then will be transferred to the vsi crusher, this forms a closed circuit manifold cycles. Sizes of final products will be according to our customers’ requirements. If it is the dry process, the classifier and deduster will be attached according to you requirement.

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