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Bico Chipmunk Jaw Crusher equipment for sale

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Bico Chipmunk Jaw Crusher equipment for sale

May 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Bico Chipmunk jaw crusher is designed to give long and efficient service. In order to secure the long life and excellent performance that your crusher is capable of delivering it is essential that the following directions for operation and maintenance be carefully observed.


The upper end of the jaw travels in a circular path driven by the eccentric shaft. The lower end oscillates through a short arc described by the toggle. The resultant jaw action is forward and downward motion relative to the stationary jaw that crushes the sample and forces its discharge.

The discharge opening between jaws can be adjusted to control crushed particle size by turning the hand wheel on the side of the crusher. The adjusting mechanism consists of steel wedge blocks operated by a screw. The wedge blocks transmit crushing forces from the jaw to the frame, relieving all strain on the adjusting screw itself. The stationary jaw is simply lifted out of the frame to completely expose the inner parts for through brushing and cleaning. Dropping the cam-lock handle anchors the jaws securely in position.

Jaw plates are tough, thick steel and are reversible end for end for double wear. Heavy bronze bearings are sealed against dust and dirt and are lubricated by grease cups so that no special greasing tools are required.

Bico Chipmunk Jaw Crusher instruction

The Flat Faced Pulleys on the VD and WD crushers as run with V-Belts is a specially engineered arrangement for these machines. This combination has been in use for many years in the manufacture of this crushing equipment and has proven to be the very best arrangement for machines such as these. When equipment is confronted with a “SHOCK LOAD” condition, this v-belt/flat pulley arrangement allows just enough “give”, thus preventing undue strain on the key, flywheel and eccentric shaft.

Manganese Steel plates are available on special order. It is recommended that only one plate, preferably the Stationary plate, be of this material. Two Manganese Steel plates will not reduce hard ores satisfactorily because there is insufficient “grab” between the surfaces. Manganese plates are wear hardened with impact and heating.

Bico Chipmunk Jaw Crusher INSTALLATION

Unpack your Crusher and set it on a platform in the desired location. Insert the mounting blocks under each side of Crusher to raise the unit and allow clearance for the ore pan. Securely bolt to platform. Check the alignment of v-belts from the grooved motor pulley to the flat-faced pulley. This alignment is critical as it is only the alignment that keeps the belts on the Flat-faced Drive Pulley. ROTATION IS CLOCKWISE WHEN FACING THE DRIVE PULLEY.

Connect the relay switch to your power source in accordance with the directions enclosed with the switch. Just above the junction box on the motor is a direction plate indicating the proper wiring for your current. Connect the Crusher to the relay switch in accordance with these directions. AGAIN, ROTATION IS CLOCKWISE WHEN FACING THE DRIVE PULLEY.

The magnetic starting switch has internal overload protection. This shuts off the current automatically should the Pulverizer jam through improper adjustment of the plates or the introduction of foreign matter into the grinding chamber. Should an overload occur, wait a few minutes to permit the relay to cool and then press the RESET button.

The jaws are preset at the factory to a gap of 1/32″. Before starting the crusher for the first time, the gap should be checked to see that this space has not been altered in shipping or setting up the machine. A tighter gap could result in damage to the machine.

The crusher can be adjusted by loosening the jam nut and setscrew on the left hand side and turning the adjusting screw on the right side of the machine. Turning the flywheel located at the right side of the machine to the left or right will open or close the space between the lower parts of the jaw so as to give the required crushing size. DO NOT SET THE JAWS TIGHTLY TOGETHER as this will result in damage to the machine (minimum allowable opening is 1/32 inch on forward stroke of movable jaw).

Bico Chipmunk Jaw Crusher ADJUSTMENTS

Heavy bronze bearings are sealed against dust and dirt, and are lubricated by grease cups so that no special greasing tools are required. To tighten the bearings, loosen the two square headset screws (behind the cap) a fraction. Turn the four hex-head bolts down a fraction at a time. Check tightness by turning the pulley or flywheel by hand. There should be a very slight drag. To loosen, reverse the procedure. Bolts must be tight, but not too tight. USE EXTREME CAUTION AS OVER-TIGHTENING THE SQUARE OR HEX HEAD SCREWS WILL BREAK THE CAPS. The caps will radiate some heat, which is normal. Bearings should not be run loose or excessive wear will result on the bearing, shaft, etc. Check the bolts on a regular basis, as the machines vibration will have a tendency to loosen the various bolts.

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