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Bico Chipmunk Jaw Crusher Maintenance

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Bico Chipmunk Jaw Crusher Maintenance

April 7, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Bico Chipmunk jaw crusher is of the greatest importance that the crusher is kept properly lubricated at all times (use any good quality hi-temperature grease. We use a lithium-based grease). Turn down the grease cups 1/4 of a turn at least once a day, or more if the machine is in constant use. This will protect the bearings. Oil the adjusting blocks and toggle block approximately once a week. An oil cup is provided for this purpose at the front of the spacer casting and at the rear toggle block.

When the plates are worn to a point where readjustment is necessary, they can be adjusted. To do this simply insert the set of shims provided with each crusher between the jaw and jaw plate. This will compensate for wear.

For still further adjustment, and for resetting the adjusting blocks, loosen the small setscrew at the left side of the crusher. Turn hand wheel to the right, which will allow the adjusting block to move forward.

Exceptional crushing capacity with minimum power consumption is obtained by unique moveable jaw principle. The upper end of the jaw travels in a circular path driven by the eccentric shaft. The lower end oscillates through a short arc described by the toggle. The resultant jaw action is a forward and downward motion relative to the stationary jaw that crushes the sample and forces its discharge.

Heavy bronze bearings are sealed against dust and dirt and are lubricated by grease cups, so that no special greasing tools are required. Bearings may be taken up for wear, reversed on the shaft or more wear, and after long service, easily replaced.

Cleaning the Chipmunk Crusher is easily accomplished. The stationary jaw is easily lifted out of the frame to completely expose the inner parts for thorough brushing. Dropping the cam-lock handle anchors the jaw securely in position.

The discharge opening between jaw can be adjusted to control crushed particle size by turning a hand wheel on the side of the crusher. The adjusting mechanism consists of wedge blocks operated by a screw. The blocks transmit crushing force from the jaw to the frame relieving all strain on the adjusting screw itself.

Jaw Capacity: 2 3/8″ x 4″

Drive Type: V-Belt Driven

RPM: 400

Capacity: 800 lbs. per hour

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