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Blasting Technology,blasting equipment

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Blasting Technology,blasting equipment

July 10, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Blasting Technology

Since 1970, considerable progress has been made in blasting technique of metal mines in China. Along with the advent of big mining machinery , large area multiple row millisecond blasting technique has been developed. Site specific blasting practices like pre-splitting near the pit slope walls, buffer blasting and smooth blasting for underground are also developed. In big mines, 0.5 – 0.7 Mt of ore/waste are now being blasted in a single shot. Some 200 – 400 boreholes in 10 rows are now commonly blasted in a single fire involving 100 – 200 tonnes of explosives and good powder factors of 5-8 tonnes per kg. have also been achieved. Boulder yield and formation of toe were also remarkably reduced. Shovel efficiency was increased by 30 percent due to better fragmentation of rock/ore.

To cope with the need of higher production of iron ore , blasting materials are also being developed/manufactured at the same pace. Nonel electric priming tube, detonators of nonpriming charge, high precision millisecond relays and electric delay detonators, granulated ANFO, new TNT, powder rock explosives, emulsion explosives heavy ANFO and high power liquid explosive have been developed and are being effectively used in iron ore mines.

Detonators of non priming charges and emulsion explosive have come up to the level of world class. As the quantum of rock/minerals blasted in a single shot has increased considerably, controlled blasting technique has also come to play an important role in the iron mining for which enough research work is being carried out, especially in the area of optimum blasting principal for reducing boulders and formation of toe, reduction of shock waves, flying rocks, noise dust, etc. and for increasing the utilisation factor of explosive energy.

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