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Briefly discussing about the history of crusher family

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Briefly discussing about the history of crusher family

May 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

If you want to trace the developing history of ore crusher , the old pestles invented by our ancestors are simple rudiments, though it is a very simple crushing tool,it has the certain crushing function. so, it is not too much to say that the old pestles are crusher’s ancestors. To the time 200 BC~100BC, feet operating hammer appeared, this tool had already equipped with the basic function of a crusher,due to the using of lever principle.

Modern crusher was developed from the western industrial revolution. In 1858, jaw crusher was born in the United States, it was designed and manufactured by an American named Blake.Its structural form is double- elbow -plates jaw crusher. Jaw crusher can be used in coarse crushing process, and can also be used in medium and fine crushing process,especially in underground crushing assignments and medium and small mobile crushing devices.

impact crusher emerged in time of the second world war, it is a crushing equipment with new style and high-efficient.The first impact crusher designer is Doctor Henderson. It can be used for cement,asbestos,glass,chemical industries and do coarse ,medium,fine crushing. Impact crusher can be divided into the single gear impact crusher and double gear impact crusher, whose specifications is defined by rotor diameter and length.

The world’s first cone crusher is primary designed by American CS brothers.Till now, many domestic manufacturers of cone crusher name their crushers “Symons”. It is about 1920 that CS Cone Crusher applied in crushing mills. In 1948, an American company researched and developed the hydraulic cone crusher, It can expel the uncrushable materials that entered into the crushing cavity, and can adjust the discharging mouth size during operating, producing the granularity with a uniform size. To the 1970s, along with the development of technology, automatic controller has been developed to be used to control the hydraulic cone crusher.Cone crusher has advantages of big crushing ratio, high efficiency, less energy consumption and uniform granularity size.Suitable for medium,fine,and superfine crushing of hard rock and ore materials.

The first patent of gyratory crusher was applied by American Charles Brown in 1878, and the first gyratory crusher was sold in 1881 by the Chicago Gates iron factory. Gyratory crusher is widely used in large and medium-sized sand processing mills and large quarrys, for coarsely breaking various hardness of rock and ore materials.

With the development of science and technology, the crusher equipment has made great progress till today. Especially after the nineties, the sales of crushing machinery are growing rapidly, corporations that joined the crushing industry are increasing unceasingly,The number of crusher manufacturers has reached more than ten thousands, We can produce comparatively complete series products,such as 0.5 ~ 30t crusher , 4 ~ 24t static crusher and 16 ~ 30t mobile crusher , and basically formed independent research and development system that produces a complete crusher equipment,the gap between our technical level and the international advanced level is decreasing gradually. This kind of high-speed growth situation, certainly will push the industry of crushing machinery fittings and wear parts to a new stage.

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