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Briquetting Plant with Low Cost for Charcoal, Coal, and Iron Powder

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Briquetting Plant with Low Cost for Charcoal, Coal, and Iron Powder

October 1, 2023 machinery 0 Comments

Before setting up a briquetting plant, what preparations should be made?

Building a high-quality briquetting plant is a complex project which needs some preparations to maximize the value from your final products.

Whether you can get profits from your investment of briquetting plant depends on many factors including market demands, machine price, labor cost, binder cost, transport cost, electric price, etc.

So, you’d better do the following preparations:

  • Assess the briquettes demands in your local market.
  • Analyze the market share of your competitors.
  • Be clear about quality and quantity of raw materials.
  • Make sure you have sufficient land to power to set up the briquetting plant.
  • Calculate all possible costs, and then purchase equipment reasonably according to your budget.

How to quickly build a briquetting plant in a short time?

Choose a right briquette machine according to raw material and final product

The biggest difference among briquetting plants is what kind of briquet machine you choose. If you want to choose a right briquette machine, you’d better know well about your raw materials and final product demands.

4 Types of materials can be processed by briquette machines

4 Types of materials can be processed by briquette machines.

  1. 1Charcoal powder: carbonized biomass materials, such as tree branches, wood chips, sawdust, coconut shells, rick husks, bamboo shavings, corn stalks, cotton straws, and other agricultural wastes.
  2. 2Coal: coal slurry, coal dust, coal fines, coal powder, etc.
  3. 3Metal ore powder: iron powder, sponge iron powder, manganese ore fines, aluminum powder, ore tailings, etc.
  4. 4Non-metallic ore powder: asphalt powder, gypsum powder, sludge, kaolin, quicklime/hydrated lime, fiber powder, fluorspar powder, pet coke fines, etc.

Final products with corresponding briquette machines

types of briquetting machines

  • Charcoal briquettes-roller type briquette machine
  • Coal briquettes- Hydraulic pressure briquette machine
  • Iron powder briquettes- Strong pressure briquette machine
  • Asphalt or gypsum briquettes- Static pressure briquette making machine
  • Biomass briquettes- Mechanical Stamping Biomass Briquette Machine

Charcoal Briquettes with 5 Types of Briquetting Machines (Budget Analysis)

Briquetting plant flowsheet as a guide

flow sheet of briquetting plant

A complete flow chart of briquetting plant shows how the plant works and which machines are included. The briquetting process mainly includes crushing, drying, briquetting, packing. With different purpose like charcoal briquettes making, you may need to add a
furnace in the plant.

Free custom flow chart

Know more about the function of each equipment

Investment of a briquetting plant

  • Crusher machine: No matter various or hammer mills are all used to crush raw materials such as lump charcoal, large-sized ores, or rocks into smaller size less than 3mm.
  • Dryer machine: Materials with too much moisture are not proper to be fed into the briquetting machine. So, the dryer can reduce the moisture down to 15%.
  • Briquette machine: Press or briquette your material to different shapes for different uses. Pillow-shaped charcoal briquettes are used in cooking or barbeque.
  • Carbonizing machine: Carbonization furnace is used to carbonize the biomass or agricultural materials.
  • Bagging machine: Package the final product for selling at the market.

Successful cases of briquetting plants for charcoal fines, coal, and iron powder

5TPH charcoal fines briquetting plant in Kenya

5TPH charcoal fines briquetting plant in Kenya

Material Charcoal fines
Feeding size 3cm
Discharging size 20mm
Final product shape Oval
Estimated budget $ 15000

Required equipment:Conveyer, binder, briquette machine

10TPH coconut charcoal briquetting plant in Philippines

10TPH coconut charcoal briquetting plant in Philippines

Material Coconut shell
Feeding size 6 cm
Discharging size 22 mm
Final product shape Ellipse
Estimated budget $ 30000

Required equipment:Hammer mill, Conveyer, carbonization furnace, dryer, binder, a roller type briquette machine

50TPH wood charcoal briquetting plant in the USA

50TPH wood charcoal briquetting plant in the USA

Material Wood charcoal
Feeding size 10 cm
Discharging size 25 mm
Final product shape Egg shape
Estimated budget $ 32000

Required equipment:Crusher, conveyer, carbonization furnace, vibrating screen, binder, roller type briquette machine

10T/H-50 T/H coal ash briquetting plant in South Africa

10THP-50 THP coal ash briquetting plant in South Africa

Material Coal ash
Feeding size 5 cm
Discharging size 25mm
Final product shape 50mm square&25 thick
Estimated budget $ 12000

Required equipment:Crusher, vibrating screen, dryer, a hydraulic pressure briquette machine

100 T/H iron ore fines briquetting plants on India

100 THP iron ore fines briquetting plants on India

Material iron ore
Feeding size 100 cm
Discharging size 55 mm
Final product shape round
Estimated budget $ 21000

Required equipment:Crusher, conveyor, vibrating screen, a Strong pressure briquette machine

150 T/H quicklime briquetting plant in Tanzania

150 THP quicklime briquetting plant in Tanzania

Material Coked lime
Feeding size 60 mm
Discharging size 55 mm
Final product shape Pillow
Estimated budget $ 40000

Required equipment:Crusher, conveyor, hopper, vibrating screen, a static pressure briquette making machine

Get latest price of machine and plant

Seizing the opportunity to invest a briquetting plant is the wisest choice

Nowadays, many countries have realized that excessive use of coal and fossil fuels causes resource shortages as well as serious environmental pollution problems.

Countries such as the UK, India, Philippines, and Uganda now encourage their people fully utilizing biomass or agricultural residues as new fuel, thus creating a lucrative market.

invest a briquetting plant

With the advantages of clean, smokeless, and long burning time, charcoal briquettes can be widely used in households, commerce, industry, agriculture, and other fields.

Want to start a briquetting plant business? Please contact Fote Engineers right now! They will design the most professional solution according to your actual needs. With more than 40 years of R&D experience, Fote Company has perfectly solved the needs of nearly 2,000 customers from countries including India, Philippines, Turkey, The UK, Netherlands, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Pakistan, etc.

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