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Broken ore equipment, broken mining machinery

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Broken ore equipment, broken mining machinery

April 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Generally speaking, broken ore equipment and broken mine machinery are used for breaking ore chunks of materials. The granularity of product is thicker, and it usually greater than 8 millimeters. The tectonic characteristics is a certain gap between the broken pieces, and make sure they don’t touch each other. Crusher can be divided into fine, medium and coarse.

According to the broken mode and structure, broken ore equipment and broken mine machinery including six types.
jaw crusher : Crushing effect is to rely on moving jaw pressure to fixed jaw periodic to crush the ore.
cone crusher : Within the fixed cone, the inner cone swinging conical as eccentric to crush the ore.
Roll Crusher: The ores are in two opposite spin round roll, they mainly affected by the continuous crush role, but also with grinding strip role, and chopping broken role by tooth-type roller surface.
Vertical Crusher: The ores are impacted and breached by the moving parts in rapid rotation. This kind of broken ore equipment and break the ore machinery including hammer crusher , cage crusher and impact crusher .
Impact crusher: It is using plate hammer of high-speed impact and counterattack board rebound effect to break the materials by repeatedly impact.
Hammer Crusher: Hammer crusher has the following advantages: big crushing ratio, discharging granularity evenly, less excessive smash things, low energy consumption, etc. But because hammerheads wear faster, it is limited in hard material broken; In addition, grate bar easily blocked, so it is unfavorable to break materials with clay and high humidity. Hammer crusher is usually used to crushing limestone , shale, coal, plaster, chalk and other materials under medium harden.

Compound crusher, commonly known as the vertical shaft hammer crusher ,is also a hammer crusher. It applys to building materials, mining , metallurgical and chemical industry to break limestone, clinker, coal and other minerals, and its compressive strength is no more than 140 mpa and humidity is not more than 15%.

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