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Building materials crusher, mobile crusher used for construction use

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Building materials crusher, mobile crusher used for construction use

June 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Building material introduction

Building materials, as the name implies, is refers to the construction of the use of materials, such as cement, sand, wood, metal, asphalt, synthetic resin, plastic and so on. Building materials crusher is the crushing equipment used for crushing building materials widely applied in modern construction and waste processing plants.

Building material and waste recycling processing

For the cement, sand, wood, the general method is to first be used crusher for crushing, and then use the fine crusher size adjustment, need ground material into the mill for further processing, without the need for grinding material, such as sand can be directly or through a screening and grading to use again. So, not only solves the difficult problem of environmental pollution, but also makes full use of the material.

Common building materials crusher equipments

In the building materials processing plants, jaw crusher is usually used as primary crusher machine, impact crusher and cone crusher are used for secondary crushing process. gyratory crusher , vertical impact crusher are the new crushers in recent years used for crushing building materials.

Double-roller crusher used for building materials process

Double-roller crusher (2-roller crusher) is used to process mid-hard materials in the cement, chemical, electric, metallurgical, building materials, fireproof material, etc, industries. Such as: crushing limestone , slag, coke, coal, etc, these mid-hard materials secondly and finely. This series of 2-roller crushers are mainly consisted of roller wheel, roller wheel supporting bearings, regulation device and driving device and so on.

Building materials mobile crusher

Building materials mobile crusher is a comprehensive domestic and foreign similar technology, the main technical parameters to optimize the design developed from the new crushing, coarse grinding products, mainly for medium-sized cement raw material, clinker, cement for the new cement production line technological transformation or provides an ideal crushing equipment, also apply to iron ore , sandstone, gypsum, slag, coal, lump coal and other medium hard ore crushing, with the crushing ratio, energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure convenient operation and maintenance and so on.

Building mobile crusher function processing side 100 to 500 mm below the material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with a reduction ratio, cubic particles were broken materials, etc., used to crush the hard materials. The use of crusher building, construction waste is recycled into new starting point for recycling, but also an important part of recycling economy. Recycling and waste materials in the recycling process, not only to solve the shortage of resources, while reducing waste emissions, described as “double benefit”.

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