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Bulk Materials Analysis and Sampling

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Bulk Materials Analysis and Sampling

May 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

APC is a manufacturer and an engineering company providing products and services both for industrial and laboratory use. The production site is situated near Frankfurt/Main in Germany. For the mining industry we offer a range of products from sampling over preparation to fully automated on- line analyzing systems.

Our products include analyzers for process control or in-field laboratories, sample preparation units, the SOLAS on-line sampling and analyzing system and customized solutions, which are combinations of different preparation units and SOLAS.

X-ray analyzer X-PLORER 9000

APC has developed an energy dispersive X-ray analyzer. The main highlights of this analyzer are:

* Elements to be detected from Al to U
* Very fast analysis due to the high count rates (up to 100,000 counts/second)
* High resolution (160eV at Mn-K alpha)
* Small x-ray tube as excitation source, no radioactive isotopes
* Results and spectras immediately available in MS Excel
* Helium flushing as option
* Compact design

This analyzer is available in two different versions: as a process analyzer (electronic device and measurement probe are separated) and as an “in-field” laboratory desktop version.

Preparation units: hammer mills, roller mills and sample dryers

APC offers equipment for sample preparation. Our products include two hammer mills, an air mill and a sample dryer.

These mills cover a wide range of mass flows and grain sizes achieved after milling.

SOLAS on-line analyzer for bulk materials

APC produces a smart on-line analyzer for bulk material, which is running in 12 applications in Europe (mining, power plants). The proven and reliable product is very useful for the on-line sampling and analysing of any bulk material like lignite, cement, coal etc.

The integrated X-ray analyser X-PLORER 9000 delivers a data set of the required analytical parameters every minute.

Due to its innovative sample conveying system SOLAS can easily be installed at locations, where other sampling systems have problems due to space restrictions. One big advantage is the possibility to take samples from up to six different sampling points (maximum distance 50m).

Customised solutions

An example for a customised solution is the latest installation in a German open pit lignite mine. This system is combined using APC products:

* Mechanical sampling (4t/hr)
* Sample transport to preparation container
* First milling <10mm
* Material dividing
* Second milling <2mm (200kg/hr)
* Pneumatic transport to SOLAS, XRF analysis by X-PLORER 9000
* Every 60s SOLAS delivers a data set of ash content, combustion value, Al, Si, S, K, Ca and Fe content

One container includes a two-step milling for sample preparation. The other container is equipped with SOLAS.

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