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Calls for green mining, land and resources not allowed to waste

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Calls for green mining, land and resources not allowed to waste

May 19, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Minister of Land and Resources recently held China International mining Conference, said China is committed to scientific development, continue to adhere to save low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and the new road to industrialization. “scientific development, promote green mining” is a new path of industrialization in China mineral resources in the field of concrete embodiment. Here, the green mining industry has become the most eye-catching words, the reason for it visible, because it is China’s economic development, because it is in line with the direction that mining industry calls for the requirements of energy conservation advocacy and environmental protection development.

The so-called “green mining” refers to the disturbance in the mine environment is less than the premise of the capacity of the regional environment to achieve optimal exploitation of mineral resources and the environment are minimized. Implementation of green mining industry there are three stages: First, the regional environment through the development of capacity or former capacity evaluation and mine environmental assessment and disturbance, the establishment of environmental evaluation index system and technical standards, to develop green mining plan; but through technological innovation, optimize Process, to achieve mining, dressing, smelting and refining process, a small disturbance, no poison and less pollution; Third, through the mining environmental management and ecological restoration, to achieve minimum environmental disturbance and ecological reconstruction optimization. We say that the development of green mining is the voice of the times, China’s economic development, it is not groundless, but evidence-based. Over the years, our economy has been growing rapidly though, but we also paid a high price, called a lot of fees. Relevant data show that the country due to ground subsidence due to mining to 180 locations with more than 1,600 pit collapse, subsidence area of over 1150 square kilometers. The collapse of the national mining subsidence disaster occurred nearly 40 cities, causing serious damage to the 25 annual ground subsidence due to mining, the loss occurred up to 4 billion. The mining, ore mining 6 billion tons per year the amount of disturbance of the Earth’s environment, induced the mountain crack, collapse, landslide, debris flow, earthquake and other geological disasters. These figures are shocking, but in order to change this situation, to promote green mining industry is the best way.

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