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Caterpillar Mining Equipment Capacity

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Caterpillar Mining Equipment Capacity

April 28, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Caterpillar manufactures several pieces of equipment designed for use in mining applications. The D8T tractor, 16M motor grader and the R1300G loader are just of few of the machines that Caterpillar has designed for mining. They also make different equipment models that offer different capacities.

Mining Tractors

The Caterpillar D8T mining tractor can be fitted with three different blades. One blade offers a 11.4 cubic-yard capacity, another offers a 15.3 cubic-yard capacity and the last option offers a 6.1 cubic-yard capacity. One optional ripper attachment’s maximum penetration is 25 inches, maximum penetration force is just over 28,000 pounds and pry out force is just over 50,000 pounds. The other optional ripper attachment’s maximum penetration is 44.4 inches while its maximum penetration force and pry out force are the same as the first ripper attachment.

Mining Motor Graders

Caterpillar’s 16M model motor grader is designed for mining. The engine in this motor grader offers 1,261 foot-pounds torque. This motor grader is fitted with a 16-foot moldboard. At base gross vehicle weight, this motor grader offers 38,781 pounds blade pull and 29,154 pounds of down pressure. The maximum depth of cut offered by this motor grader is 19.2 inches. This motor grader can also be fitted with a ripper attachment.

Underground Mining Loaders

The R1300G is just one of the underground mining loaders manufactured by Caterpillar. It offers a 14,991-pound nominal payload capacity. This Caterpillar can be fitted with one of several optional buckets. The standard bucket offers a 4.1 cubic-yard bucket capacity. The optional bucket attachments offer 3.1, 3.7, 4.4 or 3.1 cubic-yard bucket capacities.

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