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Cement Clinker Mill, Cement Clinker Crushing Equipment

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Cement Clinker Mill, Cement Clinker Crushing Equipment

May 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Cement clinker mill is the main equipment in cement production line or cement clinker processing plants in cement industry. In cement quarries, you can see cement clinker mill working with cement clinker crusher and other cement equipments for cement production lines.

Cement clinker introduction

Using limestone and clay iron raw materials as the main raw materials, according to an appropriate proportion of preparing raw, cooked to some or all of the molten, and upon cooling and semi-finished products. In the cement industry, the most common silicate cement clinker main chemical composition of calcium oxide, silicon dioxide and a small amount of aluminum oxide and ferric oxide. Silicate cements clinker with right amount gesso common ground, i.e. Portland cement.

Cement clinker mill

In the cement raw mill plant, we use cement vertical grinding mill and ball mill for cement clinker further grinding. At this stage, vertical cement clinker mill works by using the pressure of cylinder leakage to break the materials; ball cement clinker mill is dependent on the steel ball grinding upon materials. NFLG cement clinker grinding equipment works with higher capacity and saves energy greatly by using an electrical automation system which optimizes the grinding process.

Apart in the raw mill plant, ball cement clinker mill is also widely applied in the clinker grinding process. Here the cement clinker is grinded into fine powder together with other raw materials, such as gypsum.

According to the cement clinker grinding process, NFLG, as a professional cement clinker mill manufacturer, can supply you ball cement clinker mill, Raymond cement clinker mill, vertical cement clinker mill, trapezium cement clinker mill etc.

Cement clinker burning process

Since the nineteen eighties, computer information technology and network technology in cement industry is widely used to make cement industry into a real modern phase, has formed a modern high-tech features and meet the quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection requirements and large-scale, automated modern cement production process and equipment.

China as the world cement production and consumption of important members, since entering new century, cement clinker production technology and equipment to keep up with the world development trend of cement industry, to develop new dry cement clinker production technology as the starting point at the same time, to the production of large scale, equipment ( including high efficiency of energy consumption, safe operation, informatization, improve labor productivity and the technical and economic indicators ), with high performance of products, production process of cleaning and waste comprehensive utilization and other aspects of development, continue to promote cement industry – as a resource, environment and human society harmonious, sustainable development and circular economy industrial system.

Cement clinker production line and cement clinker process

In the process of cement production, most of the raw material should be crushed by cement crushers , such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal. Limestone is the production of cement dosage is the biggest raw material, after the mining of large size, high hardness; therefore limestone crusher in cement plant material crushing occupies a more important position. Crushing process than grinding process economic and convenient, reasonable selection of crushing equipment and grinding equipment is very important.

In the material into the grinding equipment, as far as possible the bulk materials broken to small, uniform particle size, in order to reduce grinding equipment load, improve the yield Fen machine. The material is broken, can be reduced during transportation and storage material of different grain size segregation phenomenon, have to prepared uniform in composition of raw material, improve the accuracy of ingredients.

Cement Clinker Crushing Equipment

Usually we extract raw materials (limestone, shale, silica and pyrite) by blasting or by using cut-off equipment. Raw materials are sent to the crusher to be crushed or hammered into fragments. Usually primary crusher is jaw crusher while cone crusher and impact crusher works as secondary crusher.

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