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Cement Crushing And Prehomogenization Details

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Cement Crushing And Prehomogenization Details

July 4, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

NFLG offers you with a large choice of crushers with different capacities used in raw materials crushing for cement production. Introduction of crushing and prehomogenization process for cement plant.

Cement is pulverized with the mixture of limestone , clay, and iron ore powder in proportion. At this time the mixture is called raw materials. Followed by calcination, the general temperature is of 1450 degrees. After calcination, the product is called clinker. Then according to a certain percentage, the clinker is mixed with gypsum. The mixture is then grinded to the required fineness. Here you have produced cement. This is only a general description. Here you can learn about the whole process in detail.

Cement Crushing And Prehomogenization Details

1. Crushing machines– jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher

During cement production process, the majority of raw materials such as clay, limestone, iron ore and coal etc should be crushed into small size. Limestone is the most used raw material for cement production. Since the limestone after mining is of big particle size, high hardness, limestone crushing occupies a more important position in cement plant.

Crushing process is more economy and convenient than grinding process, so a reasonable choice of crushing equipment is very important. Before that the material is sent into grinding equipment, large materials should be crushed into small, uniform particle size as far as possible, in order to reduce the load of the grinding equipment, and improve cement production. Material crushed, you can reduce the materials segregation phenomenon during transportation and storage of different particle, which is good to make uniform components and improve the accuracy of raw ingredients. NFLG offers you with a large choice of crushers with different capacities used in raw materials crushing, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher, etc. we will recommend you the right one according to the raw materials’ different particles and hardness for cement production. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our crushers.

2. Raw material prehomogenization equipment– material piling machine

Prehomogenization refers that during the storing and using of materials, we use advanced technology to realize preliminary homogenization of raw material.

Raw material prehomogenization’s basic principle is that when piling the materials, material piling machine is used to range the material continuously into overlap coal layer of same thickness. Material taking in perpendicular to the direction of coal layer, as far as possible while cutting took all material layers. When taking the materials, you cut the pile in perpendicular direction of coal layer as far as possible, taking all material layers at one time.

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