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Cement-making production raw material and ingredients

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Cement-making production raw material and ingredients

June 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Cement Raw Materials Introduction

The main raw material to produce Portland cement are lime materials and clayey materials, sometimes it depends on fuel quality and cement type to correct main materials and complete certain part of raw material shortage. We can also use industrial waste residue or mixed materials as cement production raw materials.

Cement Raw Materials Details

1, limestone

Calcareous raw material refers to limestone, marlite, creta, shells and so on whose main ingredient is calcium carbonate. Limestone is the main raw material for cement-making production. It needs about 1.3 tons of limestone to produce one ton of clinker, and more than 80% of the raw material is limestone.

2, Clayey materials

Natural sticky soil materials consist of loess, clay, shale, silty sandstone and labor. Among them the loess and clay are used the most. In addition, you will need fly ash, coal gangue and other industrial wastes. Clayey materials are fine scattered sedimentary rock, composited of different mineral, such as kaolin, montmorillonite, water mica and other hydration aluminum silicate.

3, Calibration of raw materials

When lime raw materials and clayey raw materials can’t satisfy ingredients scheme request you must add the corresponding correction raw materials according to what is missing.

(1) Siliceous correction materials containing more than 80%
(2) Aluminum correction raw materials containing more than 30%
(3) Iron correction raw material above 50%.

Mineral composition of Portland cement clinker

Portland cement clinker mineral consists mainly of tricalcium silicate, dicalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, and brownmillerite.

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