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Cement mill and cement grinding plant

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Cement mill and cement grinding plant

May 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Cement Grinding Plant

For cement production, you will need some crushing equipment for cement crush and you will need some grinding machine for cement grinding. Especially in the first stage, raw materials will be sent into primary crusher and secondary crusher after extracted from quarry.

This picture is about the whole production line of cement. From the beginning cement crushing to the later cement grinding, you will need NFLG Cement crushers and Cement Mills.

Cement Crushers and Cement Mills in the Cement Grinding Plant :

Primary Crusher

For cement primary crushing, you can choose NFLG jaw crusher which is popular for various stones or minerals crushing. With simple structure and high quality, NFLG Jaw Crusher works with higher capacity and lower cost.

Secondary Crusher

For secondary cement crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher are often choosed. There are several kinds of cone crushers including spring cone crusher, CS cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and hcs90 cone crusher, etc. If you hope your final products are of even, cubic shape, you can choose impact crusher as your secondary crusher or even tertiary crushing equipment.

coal mill

NFLG Coal Mill is of vertical structure. The coal mill works with high effciency and lower environment effect. Coal mill is the essential grinding equipment for cement grinding.

cement mill

Cement mill varies from traditional ball mill to modern MTW European Trapezium grinding mill . NFLG experts will design particulor cement grinding plant according to your requirement.
Why You Need NFLG Cement Grinding Plant ?

From the point of products, NFLG Crushers and Mills have passed international certificate ISO9001:2000, CE,etc.
Complete after-sale services. NFLG has established special service team around the our global market.
Machine spares and wearing parts will be equipped with machines.
Professional installation engineers will help you install the whole crushing plant and guide the daily operation and maintenance work.

1, quarry
2, primary crusher
3, secondary crusher
4, raw material preblending
5, clay
6, limestone /clay
7, additives
8, raw mill
9, bag filter
10, homogenizing silos
11, exhaust fan
12, raw material feed
13, rotary kiln I D fan
14, coal mill
15, coal
16, waste material and substitute fuels
17, rotary kiln
18, cooler
19, cooler vent
20, clinker
21, clinker silos
22, gypsum
23, cement mill
24, dynamic air separator
25, cement silos
26, packaging and distribution
27, to market

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