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Characteristic fragmentation and crushing equipment

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Characteristic fragmentation and crushing equipment

May 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

In the jaw crusher the material crushed crushing, bending or abrasion between the two rectangular plate – cheeks. The size of the output gap is adjustable. In the cone crusher crushing produced within a fixed cone cup cone in a circle swing. In the roller crusher the material crushed by two cylindrical rolls rotating towards each other.

Hammer mills crush the material blows of hammers pivotally mounted on a rapidly rotating rotor. Impact crushers crushed material rapidly rotating rotor (rotor) with fixed hammers (bilami). Recommended trehrotornuyu crusher DIM 800 – Crusher has a high degree of refinement, the resulting product – cubiform rubble of high quality, fractionated sand. Crusher replaces in (DSU), jaw and cone crushers, giving a product of high quality – cubiform rubble, with a substantial decrease in start-up costs.

One of the main indicators Crushers are crushing raw material product. Fineness depends on the design of the crushing machines, physical and mechanical properties of processed rock and the absolute value of pieces.

Each design crushing machine at maximum productivity corresponds to the optimum degree of grinding. When you want a large degree of crushing, grinding is carried out in several stages, ie consistently establish a number of crushing machines, different designs and specifications. While gradually shifting from large to medium and then fine crushing such a way as to the effectiveness of grinding at later stages was higher and lower energy costs. The number of cleavage stage is a key indicator in determining the scheme of crushing and screening plant.

Crushing process features a large energy consumption and rapid wear of machine parts that are in contact with the divisibility material. Such parts are made mostly from expensive alloy steels. Before crushing of the source material must be removed fraction of the finished product, since, distributed among the larger pieces, they increase the elasticity of Chopping mass.

Selecting the method of fragmentation depends on the physical and mechanical properties (hardness, brittleness, viscosity, contamination with clay, the propensity to smearing crushing chamber), the initial value of pieces and the required degree of refinement. Solid materials more effectively crushed or crushing blow, plate (clay) – crushing combined with abrasion, brittle materials (coal) – cleaving.

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