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China clay processing plant: crusher, grinding machinery

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China clay processing plant: crusher, grinding machinery

July 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

China clay also named kaolin is known as the main raw material for ceramic making process. The common China clay processing equipments comprise jaw crusher , ball mill , filter press, mixer, mixing machine, magnetic separator and other porcelain clay processing machinery .

China clay introduction

China clay occurs in the deposits in the form of china clay rock, a mixture of up to 15 per cent china clay and up to 10 per cent mica, and the remainder being quartz. One of the purest of the clays, composed chiefly of the mineral kaolinite usually formed when granite is changed by hydrothermal metamorphism.

China Clay Production

China clay mining is a complicated process which can be split into three distinct sections – opencast mining, refining and drying.

Known as pit operations, this process firstly requires the removal of ground overlying the clay. This is known as overburden, which can vary in depth between one and fifteen meters. Once the clay is exposed, the method of mining is best described as a hydraulic mining process.

This means, quite simply, that a jet of water under enormous pressure is fired at the pit face from water cannon known in the industry as a monitor. This liberates from the quarry face the china clay, together with sand and mica.

The material runs in slurry form to the lowest part of the pit, known as the sink, where it is lifted by centrifugal pumps to mechanical sand classifiers, where the more coarse sand elements are removed. The sand is disposed of on belt conveyors, which deposit it on low profile tips that can then be landscaped and seeded with grass.

China clay processing plant

The traditional clay processing:
The general use of local mountain pit abundant water conditions, using hydraulic car as crushing clay, then feeding end reentry pool, from coarse to fine pulp slurry by the pool, washing, precipitated into mud, into the soil base to stale, and to absorbent brick suck water reduction, Pug uses wooden racket flap repeatedly, even with light hand barefoot stampede kneading, depend on manual labor operation efficiency is low.

Modern China clay processing:
Through continuous reform and the introduction of modern porcelain, general set of large hydraulic wheel motor drive 40 sets of processing stone, stone wheel rolling mill, automatic soil screening machine, water washing machines and other equipment improvement, now has the crusher, ball mill, filter press, mixer, mixing machine, magnetic separator and a series of China clay processing machinery and equipment, with power instead of human.

China clay crushing equipment

China clay crushing equipment mainly includes PE jaw crusher, spring cone crusher , hydraulic cone crusher, impact crusher , small crusher, fine crusher, China clay mobile crusher etc. China clay grinding machines include ball mill, vertical mill , superfine mill, Raymond mill , trapezium grinding mill etc.

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