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Classifying Tank,Diamond Water Scalping-Classifying Tank

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Classifying Tank,Diamond Water Scalping-Classifying Tank

April 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Water Scalping-Classifying Tank was designed to meet federal and state aggregate specifications which are continually tightening. The function of the Water Scalping-Classifying Tank is to remove excess water and slimes, classify material by removal of excess in certain sizes, and retention of fines.

Slurry containing sand is introduced into the Tank at the feed end. As the slurry flows to the opposite end, solids settle to the bottom. Because of the difference in weight of different mesh sizes, material is automatically classified as it settles. Coarse material drops out first, near the feed end. Materials are progressively finer along the length of the Tank. At each setting station along the bottom of the Tank there are valves for discharging sand into the multi-cell collecting-blending flume for selective reblending. From there the sand is discharged into a Fine Material Washer; or Washers.

Gradation of the feed material in many pits may vary considerably, resulting in fluctuations in the amount of material passing through each valve. Originally the only method of controlling the specifications for the sand was with our Standard Series, requiring taking frequent samples of the product, and then manually readjusting the metering splitter gates. With modern technology, however, there are three control systems that will perform this task quite effectively.

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