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Coal Crusher Service,Coal Crusher Maintenance,Coal Crusher Value

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Coal Crusher Service,Coal Crusher Maintenance,Coal Crusher Value

April 24, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

How to operate a coal crusher rightly

1. Check the functioning of the coal crusher that whether there is an exception within the percussion sound. Once there will be exceptional circumstances should immediately stop working. This is the first and important step for coal crusher installation.

2. Note the pump operation, regular checks throughout the oil flow indicator, oil temperature and oil pressure indicators and so on. After the cooler the oil temperatures should not exceed 45-53 ℃, oil that will be back temperature should not exceed 60℃ and the department of suspension in time up to the oil.

3. Check the tightness of V-belt using the thumb pressure to measure V-belt tension. You should do it carefully according to the coal crusher manual.

4. Always check whether coal crusher beams, the frame the connection between body and machine pin is loose.

5. Check whether coal crusher liner is loose, missing and wearing.

Coal crusher services during the sale: Respect clients and devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.

Coal crusher after-sale services: Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries. We will assist you to prepare for the first construction scheme, install and debug the coal crusher equipments, train the first- line operators on site, examine the coal crusher regularly, provide perfect service and provide maintenance for coal crushers .

Coal crusher maintenance

Remind you to follow these basic maintenances, if pay attention to these, coal crusher can better run and extend the life.

1. Before the operation or maintenance of coal crusher for example coal jaw crusher , make sure you have studied manual and received training in safe operation. To determine if the accident happens, you know how to turn off the machine. This is the first and important step should be known clearly by coal crusher staffs.

2. Maintenance of equipment should use qualified parts and the right tools. This step operating correctly will protect the crushing equipment.

3. Use the lubricant recommended instructions. Lubricant plays an important role in industrial machines according to our experience. And it can prolong the service life of coal crushers and related equipments.

4. To report to their superiors any anomaly related coal crushing equipment. Superiors should take care of what you get from operators and take the corresponding measures to solve problems. For example, change the coal crusher parts if they are need to change and no put off.

5. Before the maintenance of coal crusher such as coal jaw crusher, all electrical control devices and electric motors should be power outages, locked, and posted with maintenance of identity.

6. When the coal crusher equipment operation, not to stop carry out lubrication, cleaning, repair or other maintenance works.

7. For risk markers do not operate switches or valves.

8. Only responsible persons (whose name should be recorded) are authorized to remove the risk of identity, and then you can do it. According to this step, we’ll know who to find if there are such situations and in order to solve problems quickly.

9. Start well before the device is re-installing all safety devices.

Following the above procedures, you’ll maximize industrial interests by coal crusher equipments. NFLG service pursues accuracy and specific. Every step is full of our cautions preparation and all these are done to minimize clients’ worries.

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