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Coal Crushing equipments, coal crusher

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Coal Crushing equipments, coal crusher

May 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

About coal crushing breaker:

Crushing refers to the process that the bulk materials are cracked into small particles. Crushing process is decided according to the degree of materials’ grindability. For coal crushing, we need to consider the hardness and humidity of coal mine, coal crusher ‘s principle and the finished granularity.

Shanghai Shibang machinery CO.,Ltd. will provide you with various coal crushers including jaw crusher , hammer crusher , impact crusher , etc. Here is the popular coal crushers‘ introduction.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is kind of crushing machinery which works mainly by extrusion, also with bending, impact, grinding and stripping effect. There are main two kinds of jaw crushers that are simple swing jaw type and complexity type. The obvious strength of jaw crusher is the reliable performance. It’s suitable for all most every hard material therefore it can work continuously. In coal crushing process, jaw crusher is suitable of crushing raw coal which is of many gangue or pyrite. In coal preparation plant, the medium or small type jaw crusher is more often used.

Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher works with the hit power of high-speed rotary hammer. It’s suitable for crushing brittle materials. Coal bulks can be crushed under 13-3mm and the products don’t include the oversize materials. In coal preparation plant, hammer crusher is usually used in the medium crushing and fine crushing.

According to the number of rotors, hammer crusher is divided into single-rotor type and double-rotor type. And the single-rotor hammer crusher is further divided into reversible type and irreversible type. In coal preparation plant, it usually chooses single-rotor hammer crusher .

Impact crusher

Impact crusher is also kind of machinery which uses the impact power. From the structure of impact crusher, it’s similar with hammer crusher. However, it differs in the hammer. To impact crusher, its hammer is rigidly fixed to the rotor. When crushing, it can make full use of energy of the whole rotor. It’s good at crushing bulk materials. With the impact structure and larger crushing chamber, materials can be crushed not only under the hammer’s impact power, but also under the impact between materials and impact plate and the mutual colliding of materials in crushing chamber.

Impact crusher is suitable for coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. In coal preparation plant, it’s widely applied in raw coal breaking and medium coal crushing.

Shanghai Shibang Machinery CO,Ltd. will provide you with all the crushers mentioned above. Actually apart from the crushers above, there are various cone crushers, vsi crushers and mobile crushers for your choice. With high quality and perfect service, you can trust our brand. Here you can choose single machinery and the related spare parts and wear parts. Also our engineers can design the whole production line if you need a whole crushing plant . Welcome to get answers by our online service system.

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