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Coal gangue crusher is used for crushing coal gangue materials

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Coal gangue crusher is used for crushing coal gangue materials

May 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The source of coal gangue:

Coal gangue is the general term of solid waste materials coming from coal mine construction, coal production process widely common in the construction, development diving, coal mining and coal washing process with exhaust carbon rock.

Three aspects of coal gangue source

1. Rock roadway drivage generated when the coal gangue, commonly referred to as the ore gangue, coal accounted for 60% ~ 70%. The main rock mudstone, shale, siltstone, sandstone, conglomerate, limestone .

2. Coal mining process from the roof, floor and clip in coal rock interlayers produced by coal gangue gangue, accounted for 10% ~ 30%. Coal seam roof common rock consists of mudstone, siltstone, sandstone and conglomerate; seam floor rock, shale, mudstone, siltstone clay rock in coal seam; liver rock clay rock, carbonaceous mudstone, siltstone, sandstone.

3. Coal washing coal sorting or generated in the process of coal gangue, also known as washing gangue, accounting for about 5% of coal gangue. Which is mainly composed of coal seam in a variety of rock such as kaolinite clay brick, pyrite, etc.

4. Coal gangue crusher or gangue crushing equipment takes an important role in coal gangue processing plants or coal gangue reuse industry. jaw crusher is the most widely used primary crushing equipment in stationary crushing plants or quarry crusher plants.

The classification of coal gangue:

According to sources are classified according to the coal gangue output that can be divided into the source of coal gangue gangue washing, coal roadway, roadway, gangue gangue gangue and gangue hand selected stripping, some on the spontaneous combustion gangue as well as by category in a class.

The utilization of coal gangue

Domestic and foreign coal gangue comprehensive utilization of all countries in the world pay much attention to the treatment and utilization of coal gangue. Since the nineteen sixties, coal gangue comprehensive utilization has attracted a lot of national attention, to 70 time, France, Germany and other countries of the coal gangue utilization rate has reached 30% 50%. Part of coal gangue utilization rate has reached loo%.

Britain to comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, especially on the thermoelectric conversion is introduced into the process of integrated energy-saving technology and its application to undertake the system studies, the other to produce coal big country also has many technical personnel involved in this field, carried out special research work.

Coal gangue crushing, processing equipments

Coal gangue crushing, processing and handling equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher , cone crusher , impact crusher, magnetic screening machine, belt conveyor , linear vibrating screen , mobile crusher or portable crusher etc.

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