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Coal Mill in Vietnam

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Coal Mill in Vietnam

June 4, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Vietnam is rich in mineral resources and the minerals and ores are diversified. Mainly coal, coke, iron, titanic, manganese, chromium, aluminium, tin, and phosphorus. The iron , coal and aluminium are the most minerals.

The explored minerals deposites are mostly distributed near the highway or the mine lots discoverd. But to the minerals which are 200 meters below underground are discovered little. Now , the mining industry remains to be developed.

In Vietnam the most exploitation of minerals are blind coal and lignite. The products of blind coals can reach a mount of 2100 million tons. So the grinding mills from NFLG is very well acclaimed in Veitnam.

The way of coal burning is changed by the scientists and pulverized coal is widely used now. The coal blocks are crushed into thin or fine powder with crushers and grinders. The pulverized coal can burn adequately and release energy fully.

Vietnam is a developing country in Southeast Asia, and the infrastructure is behindhand, especially the construction of highway. NFLG provide Vietnam with paving stone crushers and sand making plants. The crushing plants are top-quality. They help with the construction and produce thounds of tons of aggregates ,sands, or gravels for Vietnam. The cement milling plants to Vietnam is designed according to the situation of Vietnam by our experts.

The iron ore reserves in Vietnam reaches 1300 millions tons . The iron crushing plants are popular too. The iron ore is divided into magnetite, hematite, limonite, siderite, silicate iron, sulphide iron etc. The exploitations of iron ore in different classification are in different ways.

In techinics, the steelmaking minerals must be between 10 -200 mm . And ironmaking minerals must be 8-40mm. So the jaw crusher and the cone crusher is the best chioce for the iron ore crushing. But before that, the minerals should be pass through a process, benificiation or mill run. This step is used to seperate the minerals with low iron contents. The belt conveyor mostly is equiped with the system.

Vietnam is our important market, and NFLG provide best service pre-sale and post-sale. Any time you have any problem you can contact us by ways: 1.feedback to the online stuff.

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