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Coal processing plant in coal mining industry

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Coal processing plant in coal mining industry

May 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Design of coal plants which work processing

Caiman equipment company has been the main suppliers of coal grinding amchine, design and providing many of the unit processes in coal processing flows leaves. Since the beginning of 1978s, approximately 300 projects have been completed to establish facilities in China, South Africa, Australia, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the USA for the beneficiation of coal conveying, stacking, retrieve and load off and fight against pollution.

Caiman group tailors its project services to meet the specific needs of the client, ranging from initial testing of working through the implementation of turnkey projects.

Support his treatment and materials handling expertise is the proud balance of the Group of the marketing of niche products. Centre of Excellence of the coal of the Caiman group is currently studying coal fines recovery technology to increase the overall efficiency of plants by recovering economically saleable coal and reducing costs of management of sludge dams.

aterials handling

Caiman group, designs and provides systems for handling materials transmit, stack, retrieve and run of mine coal from the screen and manage products and residues.

coal crusher machine

Caiman group has over thirty years of research on coal mining , and with the help of customers, collecting large amounts of coal crushing information, specially manufactured produce coal production and processing of a range of devices, such as jaw crusher , hammer coal crusher , coal cone crusher , as well as improved Raymond mill and large vertical roller mill.

Coal conveyor

Conveyor systems movement of coal from the face of coal inside and mill and tailings deposition at the dump. Systems include curved conveyors by land of more than 10 km long, of large capacity conveyor systems that move more than 10 000 t/h and pneumatic transport positive and negative. Suction systems for factory cleaning and recovery of products are also available.Friendly environment pipe conveyor prevent pollution of the environment.

Stacking, retrieve and mixing

Inventory systems are provided for efficient stacking, retrieve, homogenize and mixture of coal and the disposal of the waste. Coal of linear and circular features of high-end stocks to adapt to the available space, Stacker cranes with capacities up to 6 000 t/h and bridge and portal scraper rated up to 4 note replenishers 500 t/h.

Coal loading stations

Loading stations in the Group Caiman allowing loading rapid of coal on the movement of trains. The stations have the ability to manage the loading rate of up to 5 000 t/h, loading with accuracy within 0.1%, which meets the legal requirements of most countries. Loading stations to can also manage random arrangements of different capacities railway cars and type and particle size variations and in bulk density of coal.

Process simulation services

This service identifies potential treatment pathways that are likely to optimize yields of marketable products of coal resource. For example, raw coal washability data can be processed to predict the practical returns necessary to derive the capital and the cost of operations for the recommended schema.

Coal beneficiation

Caiman Group offers a full range of features and technologies for coarse, medium and fine coals. This capacity has been established in many projects for the preparation of coal and the acquisition of license agreements.

Preparation of food

Energy – and cost – effective systems of size reduction are selected and designed, first crush ROM coal with minimum fines production and screen then and deslime the product and the rejection of waste material.

Density-separation technologies

A selection of density separation technology is available for the separation of coal waste rock. It’s dense media separation (DMS), in templates, spiral concentrators gravity separation and separation hindered rocking bed.

Battery and cyclones DMS is used to separate coal and waste rock. Drum plants and permanent cyclone up to 2 000 t/h capacity are available and mobile and transportable modular systems ranging from 1 t/h to 300 t/h. These latter units can be used in tandem to increase throughput, significant savings in capital time costs and construction.

Caiman-Apic of pulsed air drawer jigs separate particles of different densities for the beaches of size up to 150 mm high rates for animal feed for the cleaning of coal or deshaling. Jig-scan superior impulse control system ensures the stability of the process.


The flotation of fine coal of the host can be in tanks, columns and cells. When the end coal comes in contact with fine air bubbles, coal fleet in a surface foam that is collected for further processing. Raw sizes ranging from zero near 500 µm. The flotation cells, Bateman BQR were applied globally for the draft, cleaning, cleaning and re-cleaning, and applications unit and the pilot cell are available to treat all float values, including coal. The flotation cell Bateman BQR offers many unique advantages such as high shear forces to ensure better coordinated bubble-particle, simple process optimization and starting under load, stable foam and minimum downtime. The cell range in size from 0.5 m3 to 150 m3.

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