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Coal pulverizer, coal pulverizing process,coal pulverizer manufacturer

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Coal pulverizer, coal pulverizing process,coal pulverizer manufacturer

May 10, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Coal pulverizer

Coal pulverizer is flexible design coal milling equipment also named coal mill . We absorb the advantages of Loesche coal mill and add some features too. Coal pulverizer can handle all grades of coal and is highly economical in terms of specific energy consumption.

NFLG coal pulverizer can grind all grade coal from hard coal, woody lignite, lignite to anthracite coal, petroleum coke, and besides this NFLG can supply a turnkey project including coal pulverizer design, coal pulverizer install, and coal pulverizer debug all kinds of coal grinding plants.

Coal pulverizers used at coal fired power plant

Coal fired power plant can supply power for industries, daily life, agricultures, chemistries, etc even most of our around things related to power. In coal fired power plant, coal pulverizers are used to pulverizing coal into small size before the raw coal is transmitted the boiler.

The coal flow into the boiler is an important factor for a coal fired power plant. But in fact, it is not easy to measure the coal flow from the coal pulverizer to the furnace. The coal flow out of the coal pulverizer is often estimated based on the incoming coal flow.

Improving coal pulverizer performance and reliability

Power generation industry studies have shown that coal pulverizers are an area where improved equipment reliability is badly needed. Pulverization is currently the favored method of preparing coal for burning. Mechanically pulverizing coal into a fine powder enables it to be burned like a gas, thus allowing more efficient combustion. Transported by an air or an air/gas mixture, pulverized coal can be introduced directly into the boiler for combustion.

There are four coal pulverizers:

1.       Ball-tube coal mills: This type of mill consists of a rotating tube filled with cast alloy balls. Coal is introduced through two hollow trunnions on each side of the tube. As the tube rotates, the balls tumble onto the coal, crushing and pulverizing it.

2.       Impact coal mills

3.       Vertical roller mills

4.       Ring-roll and ball-race mills.

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