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Coal recycling equipments and coal recycling process

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Coal recycling equipments and coal recycling process

June 6, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Gangue, discharged in the process of coal mine exploitation, ranks top in the solid waste emissions in coal production and also in China industrial solid waste both from the production amount and accumulation amount. The amount of gangue is appromately 10% of coal produced. Therefore it should be especially noted that other symbiotic and associated minerals should be mined and processed reasonably.

Recycling of coal

To process the gangue and other symbiotic or associated minerals, you first need to break the large bulks into small and during the grinding; you will need some grinding mills for pulverizing them. Shanghai Shibang machinery CO.,Ltd will provide you with those crushers and grinding mills.

Our crushing machine and grinding machine have been widely applied in minerals breaking and powder pulverizing.

Welcome to purchase NFLG coal crushers and coal mills. Also you can get related spare parts for your existed machine. Our engineers will design you reasonable production line if you need a whole crushing or grinding plant. There will be 24 hours online service. You can tell our online servicer what you want and our sale engineers will reply you asap.

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