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Coarse powder mill, grinding mill work,work methods of mill

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Coarse powder mill, grinding mill work,work methods of mill

May 19, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Coarse Powder Mill is widely used when users require that the fineness of the finished products be less than 3mm. According to customers’ requirements, Liming Heavy Industry devoted itself to developing coarse powder grinding machines which can be used in highway, refractories, building materials, bricks, chemical industry, water conservancy, hydroelectric power. Our coarse powder mills are applicable to grinding materials of a certain hardness and humidity such as barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talcum, marble, limestone , basalt. There are a variety of models of mixture processing equipment . According to the raw material, feeding size, outputing size and capacity, we can recommend the proper grinding mills for our customers, which can meet customers’ needs from many aspects.

In most cases, there are two working methods for coarse powder mill:
a) Dry Production: materials first go into feeding hopper, fall on the unloading cone through feeding valve, and then fall dispersedly on the grinding ring in a 360-degree direction. Next, materials fall into the inner surface of the grinding ring like the waterfall. Finally, after materials being impacted, rubbed and grinded by several grinding rollers, material powder and small particles come out from vibrating screen .

b) Wet Production: the grinding process is basically the same as the process of dry production. The water ways and separation methods of water from materials after grinding are different from each other. These methods can be designed in accordance with customers’ requirements.

In addition, according to specific materials and requirements of capacity,  grinding machines of different models are used in the specific production methods of coarse powder. In this regard, NFLG Heavy Industry, with professional technologies, provides customers with cost-effective and reasonably matching industrial grinding equipment which has a wide range of choices and reliable quality. With unique technologies, NFLG Heavy Industry has improved the overall design and construction program of the grinding operation, as well as the mill turnkey projects.

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