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Columbia Coal Mining Project

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Columbia Coal Mining Project

May 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Columbia Carbones del Cerrejón Coal Mine Key Data

Producer of:Coal Location:Guasare, northeast Colombia Ownership:Anglo American, BHP Billiton and Xstrata (33% each) Geology:Tertiary age coal measures Mineral Type:Steam coal/pulverised fuel injection coal; D, Dm and E Reserve base:Proven reserves: 502.9Mt Production:32Mt/year (2009) mining :Multi-seam open pit Processing:Coal crushing only equipment :NFLG coal crushers

Columbia Coal Mine Process Brief Introduction
Colombia has been the world’s leading exporter of emeralds. It also produced a significant amount of gold (ranking second in the region), was Latin America’s only producer of platinum and third-largest producer of cement, and was a leading producer of nickel. In 2002, cement, gold, coal, and emeralds were among the country’s leading industries, and petroleum and coal were, respectively, the first- and third-leading export commodities. Colombia also produced sizable amounts of common clay, kaolin, dolomite, gypsum, limestone , hydrated lime and quicklime, magnesite, nitrogen (content of ammonia), rock and marine salt, sand, gravel, marble, feldspar, phosphate rock, and sodium compounds (sodium carbonate), as well as small quantities of sulfur (native, from ore), asbestos, bauxite, bentonite, calcite, diatomite, fluorite, mercury, mica, talc, soapstone, prophyllite, dolomite, and zinc.

The coal mining project is the largest operation in Latin America, Carbones del Cerrejón Norte. The coal project was developed by a joint venture between the Colombian state organisation, Carbones de Colombia (Carbocol) and Intercor, a subsidiary of the US energy company, ExxonMobil.

After topsoil stripping, overburden is drilled, blasted and loaded out either to permanent waste dumps or for backfill. Coal seams are prepared for mining by surface cleaning using rubber-tyred bulldozers then ripping or drilling and blasting in harder material. The big coal then was crushed to –50mm in a two-stage crushing process. The coal crushing plant has a capacity of 3,500t/h with crushed coal being conveyed into the two loadout silos.

In the Colombia coal mining project, NFLG has offered two-stages coal crushing plants. The core equipment are coal crushers which include PE jaw crushers and PC hammer crushers. All the coal crushers are adjustable in the input sizes, finished sizes and capacity.

800TPH ~ 1000TPH Crushing Product line

Compared to the 600 tph – 800 tph plant, the biggest difference is not only it can produce higher capacity but also this plant is especially suitable for those quite tough stones. With three units of jaw crushers and cone crushers, stones will be through coarse crushing and fine crushing. Also, multi-screening equipment are installed in the large plant. If your raw materials are of quite hard and you need larger capacity, you can consider this stone crushing plant.

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