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Concrete Crusher Rebar Removal, Concrete Crushing Plant

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Concrete Crusher Rebar Removal, Concrete Crushing Plant

April 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

While rebar (reinforcing bar) is a boon for keeping concrete walls and slabs from cracking or breaking, the presence of rebar during demolition usually creates a massive headache. Most excavator-mounted hammers and hand held jackhammers cannot handle the ridged, carbon steel cords laced throughout the concrete. In cases of deconstruction projects involving large amounts of concrete and rebar, a concrete crusher is of great help, if not necessary.

Concrete Crusher Purpose

Concrete crushers use metal surfaces to break large pieces of concrete into smaller, potentially reusable (as fill or perhaps as a concrete-aggregate wall for a garden bed) sizes. These machines perform the same role for rebar removal or rebar demolition—breaking up long strands into smaller segments more easily disposed of or recycled. Recycling the materials becomes important when factoring in environmental benefits, the cost of landfill disposal and the profit from selling smaller, evenly sized pieces of concrete aggregate and bundles of rebar, which itself is often made of recycled steel.

Crusher Varieties

Concrete crushers on the market vary greatly in size and strength, and different projects will require different grades of machine. Some crushers are mounted on excavator arms (or sticks) and use heavy jaws to wreck and move large amounts of concrete and rebar. In addition to tearing rebar out of its concrete casing, these crushers can cut rebar and bundle the lengths for easy transport and recycling. Other crushers are huge and need to be transported on a trailer behind a semi. These machines must be loaded using an excavator. Still other crushers can be towed behind a sedan for easy use in private landscaping projects. These concrete crushers can be loaded by hand and by shovel, but care must be taken to not feed in pieces too large for the machine to handle.

Concrete Crusher Logistics

Most crushers are available for rent or purchase from any construction equipment rental business—metropolitan areas will have at least one such location. Keep in mind, however, that a number of concrete crushers require additional equipment. For example, the jaw crusher mentioned above will require the use of an excavator and perhaps the services of an experienced operator. Rental locations will have rosters of licensed professionals.

Purchase and rental prices vary widely depending on the size of the machine, where it is bought or rented, and, in the case of a rental, for how long it will be used. Most rental businesses will offer weekly and monthly rates. Explore daily rental rates if the project is relatively small. A purchase will almost always come with a very comprehensive warranty—if it does not, seriously consider purchasing elsewhere.

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