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Concrete crusher,concrete crushing machine,concrete mobile crusher

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Concrete crusher,concrete crushing machine,concrete mobile crusher

April 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Most PopularTypes of concrete crushers
a.  jaw crushers – Jaws compress the concrete between a stationary and moveable plate.  Concrete is reduced in size as it travels down the length of the wedge between the two plates.  Jaws are used as primary crushers and typically produce a 4″ to 8″ minus product usually used as fill.

b.  Impact Crushers – Impactors have a spinning rotor with bars or hammers that fling the concrete into a solid plate, several plates, or rods.  Impactors can be used as primary, secondary, and even tertiary crushers and produce a product typically 2″ minus used as base material in some parts of the country.

c.  Cone Crushers – Cones are also compression type machines with the concrete being compressed between two cone shaped plates.  Concrete feed to a cone is typically 6″ minus as they are used mostly as secondary crushers behind a Jaw or Impact Primary.  Cones typically produce products of 1-1/2″ minus.

All of the above crusher types are available in Portable, Mobile, and Stationary configurations.

Portable concrete crushers are mounted on rubber tired chassis and towed to the site by truck.  On site they are moved by loaders or tugs.

Mobile concrete crushers are carried to the site by truck and trailer and have their own onboard drive system typically track driven. These units move easily on sites where several moves are required.

Stationary concrete crushers are just that they are permantly fixed to the ground.  Typically used in a recycling yard where all material is trucked to the site.

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