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Concrete Recycling Equipment

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Concrete Recycling Equipment

June 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Concrete Recycling equipment

Wet Concrete Cleaning and Separating Equipment


This is a kind of concrete recycling equipment. Wet concrete cleaning and separating equipment’s main components include supporting wheels, sandstone discharging hole, concrete-washing-water discharging hole, screen device and alarming device etc. The electrical motor, whose speed reducer is driven by triangle belt, is adopted to drive screen. Screen system is supported by bearing and two carrier rollers; it can separate sands and stones and wash them cleanly. The screen and discharging hole is made of wear-resistance material, so our concrete recycling equipment has a longer service life. The mixing device can effectively prevent precipitation of concrete-washing-water.

Our concrete recycling equipment has the features of environmental protection, cost saving, easy processed and installed components. Concrete recycling equipment is primarily used for cleaning, separating or recycling remained wet concrete. It is widely used in concrete construction fields.

1. Wet concrete cleaning and separating: 20-25 m3/h;
2. Wet mortar mixture processing: 30-35 m3/h;
3. Max. aggregate size: 45mm;
4. Min. aggregate size: 2mm;

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