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Conditions for running of stone crushers

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Conditions for running of stone crushers

April 17, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Other conditions

(a) The owner of the stone crusher shall observe the provisions of;
i) The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act, 1981 and rules framed thereunder.
ii) The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974 and rules framed thereunder.
iii) The Environment(Protection) 1986 and rules framed thereunder.
iv) The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) rules 2000.

b) No consent for expansion to a crusher shall be given by Pollution Control Board or electric connection by H.P. SEB, without prior approval of Geological Wing, Department of Industries.

c) Every stone crusher owner shall ensure that the emission standards as per the statute and as notified by the Govt. on 29-4-03 are adhered to.

d) Every stone crusher owner shall adopt pollution control measures as per Govt. notification dated 29-4-03 or as amended from time to time.

e) The Geological Wing, Department of Industries may impose any such further conditions as it may deem fit for the protection of Environment and Ecology.

f) The crusher owner shall submit a return by 10th of every month, giving details of total quantity of minerals crushed, electricity consumed, power generated in case of captive power generated run crusher, fuel consumption in case of diesel run crusher, number of labour employed and wages paid etc. .

g) The crusher owner shall allow the inspecting staff, access to the crusher and make available all records relating to operation of the crusher and verification of source of legal supply of minor minerals and stocks.

Conditions for mining leases

a) As per strategy No. 9.6 of River/Stream Bed Mining Policy Guidelines and Rule 21 (4)(i) of H.P. Minor Mineral (Concession) Revised Rules, 1971 (as amended on 10-6-04) every applicant shall submit Working-cum-Environment Management Plan for carrying out systematic and scientific mining.
b) Mining in river/stream beds shall be subject to general conditions as per Strategy No.9.5 of the River/Stream Bed Mining Policy Guidelines in addition to any other site specific conditions as specified by the Joint Inspection Committee, as detailed below:-
c) Mining in Hill slopes shall be subject to following general conditions:

I. Environmental Considerations:

i) No mining shall be allowed within 100 metres of thickly forested area.
ii) No mining shall be allowed in areas, which may cause aesthetic/visual degradation near any known tourist spot.
iii) No mining shall be allowed where it is likely to disrupt water regime, IPH schemes roads, bridges etc.
iv) No mining shall be allowed where danger to site of culture, religions, historical, archeological or scenic importance is likely.
v) No mining shall be allowed near habitation, where it is likely to cause noise and vibration problems, due to blasting or operation of machinery .
vi) No mining shall be allowed where proper disposal of mine waste cannot be arranged.
vii) Conditions shall be imposed that the lease holder will take adequate steps to control and check soil erosion, debris flow etc. by raising various engineering structure.

II. Geological and Geomorphological considerations:

i) No mining shall be allowed where the slope angles are more than 45o from horizontal and in case of mid slope mining, the foot wall should be of hard strata.
ii) No mining lease shall be granted where the ore to overburden ratio is not economical i.e. 1:0.2 that is the waste generation should not be more than 20%.
iii) Proper appraisal of the deposit for its qualitative and quantitative assessment shall be made in the form of Geological and topographical plans.

III. Technical Consideration:

i) The area should not be highly jointed, fractured on consisting of weak planes.
ii) Relation of slope angle to angle of repose should be within mining parameters where 6×6 metre benches by keeping overall angle of repose as 45o can be made.
iii) No mining shall be allowed where subsidence of rocks is likely due to steep angle of slope.
iv) No overhangs shall be allowed to be formed during the course of mining.
v) The gradient of approach roads shall be gentle with hill-ward slope, side drains and parapet walls. Adequate number of waiting and crossing points shall be provided for safe plying of vehicles.
vi) No blasting shall be resorted to without taking proper licence under Explosive Act.

d). General Conditions:

i) Mining site shall only be handed over to the lease holder, after it is duly demarcated by permanent boundary pillars and certified by concerned Mining Officer.
ii) Junction at take off point of approach road with main road shall be developed with proper width and geometrics required for safe movement of traffic by crusher owner at his own cost in consultation with Executive Engineer, H.P. PWD.
iii) No lease holder shall store/stack any material in the acquired width of PWD road without the specific permission of the competent authority.
iv) In addition to above the mining operation shall be subject to provisions of various Acts and Rules in force.
v) Dumping of waste shall be done in earmarked places as per the Working Plans.

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