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Cone crusher for sale in stone crushing plant

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Cone crusher for sale in stone crushing plant

June 17, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

cone crusher Product Details

Cone – 100 TPH with an input capacity of maximum 4 inches, Maximum Power 90 KW/125 HP. The Cone crushers have been designed to give Maximum impact in improving the efficiency of whole crushing process. More crushing can be done the secondary stage due to unique cavity shape. The total crushing ratio is in better balance and more equally divided between the crushing processes. This improves the quality of final product.

Secondary crusher has high capacity due to high reduction ratio.
Constant feed acceptance capability, High quality products, Increased output, Increased liner life, Optimal overall running costs.

This is achieved by the shape of the CLP crushing chamber and by the fact that feed opening, remains virtually unaltered throughout the life of the liner set. The out put of crushed material is greater than that obtained by crushing with conventional liners for the same time. The increased in output can be upto 30% but depends on the nature of the feed material. Same 30% or more in crushers with fully worn conventional, non – CLP liners normally reduces feed opening and capacity.

The Hydro set system provides automatic overload protection by allowing the main shaft to the mantle to drop, to permit the passage of tramp iron and other uncrushable material. The system then automatically returns the main shaft smoothly to its original position.

Cone Crusher Lubrication System

The system permits full lubrication even before the crusher is started since the pump is independent of the crusher.

Separate lubrication for the pinion shaft unit.

There are two units provided in the lubrication system. During the running of the plant in case any failure in first unit, immediately the auto – mechanism will switch over to the second unit without any stoppage of plant and also indicate about the failure of the first unit.

PICS Cone crushers are ideally suited for crushing of hard rock, river gravel, black trap rock, granite, lime stone, coal, cock, iron ore , bauxite, quartzite, etc.

Cone Crusher Salient Features

An easy to maintain crusher. Maintenance and inspection from above.
The crusher has a CLP crushing chamber as standard. One top shell is used for all crushing chambers.
Long life of liners from special alloy steel.
An automatic overload protection system is standard.
Inspection holes are provided in the bottom shell.
The bottom shell arms have liners of special alloy steel.
The interior of the crusher is protected from dust by a self – lubricating seal ring.
Quite operation and long life thanks to bevel gears with case – hardened, spiral – cut teeth.
Product curve and capacity can be optimized by adjusting the eccentric bushing supplied with the crusher.
Prepared for the installation of ASR, the Automatic Setting Regulation system.
Large feed opening. The two top shell arms are protected against wear by robust liners of special alloy steel.
Main shaft protected by replaceable sleeve and inner head nut.
CLP crushing chambers design maintains feed opening throughout the entire life of the liners.
Rugged design provides the strength and stability necessary for the crushing of extra – hard materials.
Easy adjustment of gear backlash.
Rugged design of the pinion shaft assembly. The pinion shaft and its bearings are built as a single unit which can be removed without taking the crusher apart.

Cone CrusherTechnical Specification

1 Cone head shaft 23 Pinion Shaft
2 Mantel 24 Bearing Housing
3 Cone Head 25 Cyclindrical Roller Bearing
4 Slip Ring 26 Taper Roller Bearing
5 Hub Cover 27 Bearing Cover
6 Protection cover 28 Oil Seal
7 Bevel Gear 29 Spacer- Pulley Side
8 Bush Cover 30 Pinion
9 Supporting Ring 31 Spacer – Pinion Side
10 Seal Slide Ring 32 Grease Nipple
11 Bush (body) 33 Machine Pulley
12 Eccentric Bush 34 Lock Washer
13 Eccentric Shaft Bush 35 Hylen Seal
14 Bottom Bush 36 Inspection Door
15 Valve Body 37 Thrust Bearing
16 Cup Seal cover 38 Spherical Bushing Bearing>
17 Bottom cover 39 Upper Frame
18 Eccentric weight 40 Lower Frame
19 Cup Seal 41 Cone Cave
20 Wire Ring 42 Protection Bearing Cover
21 Lock Nut 43 Protection Arm Cover
22 Protection Rubber Cap

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