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Cone Crusher Specifications,Ores,Size,Hydraulics,Bowl Adjustments

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Cone Crusher Specifications,Ores,Size,Hydraulics,Bowl Adjustments

June 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Cone crushers are used in aggregate and mining industries. Aggregate industries are construction industries that rely on stone for construction. These cone crushers are used to crush rocks and ores for ore processing and for the creation of gravel. This process allows the ore to eventually be turned into metal, and also allows stones to be used for various construction purposes, such as in gravel.

cone crusher Ores

The ores that can be crushed in the cone crusher include iron ores, limestone , copper ores, quartz, granite and gritstone, according to NFLG Mining and Construction machinery . The ore is placed between a mantle line and concave liners. The gap between these two parts is closed by an eccentric at the bottom of the spindle, which crushes the ore by moving in a circular motion, according to NFLG.

Cone crusher Power

The electric motor power ranges from 30 to 260 kilowatts, depending on the cone crusher type. Companies will ideally want to purchase the cone crusher that uses the least energy yet can still complete the job, according to Shanghai NFLG. The eccentric shaft can rotate 220 to 356 times per minute.

Cone crusher Size

The cone crushers weigh 5 to 81.4 tons. The crushing cone has various diameters ranging from 600 millimeters to 2,200 millimeters, according to Shanghai NFLG.

Cone crusher Hydraulics

Hydraulics tend to be used extensively throughout the cone crusher to minimize contact between solid parts of the cone crusher. Different cone crushers are able to crush rocks of different levels of hardness, according to Shanghai NFLG. Some of the most expensive cone crushers are able to crush some of the hardest rocks, and should also last the longest with proper preventive maintenance.

Cone crusher Safety

Since many metals aren’t able to be crushed by the cone crusher, these machines usually have spring safety systems that allow certain metals to pass through the crusher, according to Shanghai NFLG. The metals and the ore are sent down a conveyor , carrying the ore 3 to 60 millimeters depending on the kind of cone crusher. The discharge has an opening that’s adjusted hydraulically, according to NFLG Mining and Construction Machinery.

Cone crusher Bowl Adjustments

The cone crusher has a broken cavity shape, according to NFLG. The bowl control settings are adjusted using a hydraulic motor. The bowl can be moved completely out of adjustment so that the liner can be replaced, according to Metso. The liners are continually tightened by bowl retaining wedges that self-tighten.

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