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Construction waste disposal equipment in urbanization construction application

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Construction waste disposal equipment in urbanization construction application

July 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

For house decoration, house dismantlement, urban construction, the construction waste produced what to do? In the urbanization fast development today, this problem has been plagued by government and people, giving everyone the lists a true example: machine plangent, dust all over the sky, wuhan city more than 5,000 site clock stepping up construction, tons of construction rubbish also caused. According to statistics, in wuhan, currently building garbage has accounted for 40% of the city garbage garbage problem and solve building, has become a top priority. Meanwhile, some in building recycling processing company are faced with “no rice beard” under the embarrassing, some even so untimely death. A circular economy and green development path, why couldn’t walk links? At present, wuhan every year because of demolition, large scale construction projects generate more than 1,000 tons of construction waste, most building waste is poured into distant suburbs, lakes for landfill, the living environment, groundwater and soil are great harm. Obviously, building garbage has seriously affected our life and work.

Provide scientific construction waste NFLG treatment process, the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, urban construction, expansion demolition or maintenance of construction waste generated in the construction of urban garbage, become the main component. Data shows, brick and concrete structure, full of cast-in-situ structure and framework structure building every 1 million square meters, construction process will produce 500 tons – 600 tons of waste, every dismantle old buildings produced nearly 10,000 square meters building wastes tons. At present, the number of China’s construction waste already account for 30% of the total in city garbage — 40 percent. In recent years, each city construction waste treatment way except spontaneous construction engineering backfilling utilization and reclamation, fill outside, the majority is hollow without any treatment will be shipped to landfills. Many city sanitation department in the city construction waste recycling, transportation and processing aspect into huge human, material and financial resources. In the city’s rapid economic development process, NFLG as early as the late 1990s began to pay attention to construction waste recycle. As for renewable energy materials of understanding, city construction waste can be fully recycle, can again “change” for new type of energy-saving building materials. Recovery of construction waste after dismantled, crushing process, add the special material production out of the building materials, regardless of in the brick of hardness, toughness, weight are the obvious superiority.

Professional construction waste disposal equipment mobile crushing stand is by counterattack crusher, jaw crusher , cone crusher , vertical impact crusher (pressure-blasting machine), vibrating screen made of such products, conveyor , can according to different crushing process requirement after first composed “broken,” also can screen after first composed “broken” process, screen according to the actual demand can be crushing combined into crushing, screening system finely two paragraphs broken, also can be assembled into crushing, crushing, finely three sections of crushing and screening.

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