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Container-mobile secondary crusher

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Container-mobile secondary crusher

April 9, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Mobile secondary crushers overview

Low annual tonnage of rough and hard qualities makes high demands on mobile crushing technologies. The wearless crushing system of the jaw crusher has proven to be a valuable resource in these applications. The CitySkid 9V4 has been specially designed for secondary crushing and has a 920mm wide feed opening with a jaw depth of just 250 mm.

The width of the jaw ensures high throughput performance. A graduated grading and good grain shapes are achieved by the conscious restriction of the feed opening to 250 mm. The grains continue to be crushed along the whole length of the jaw before being discharged through a narrow gap. The CitySkid 9V4 reaches its place of application with a hook lift truck or a low loader.


“I can finally flexibly crush my low quantities of oversize grain by myself. If around 20-40 t/h come out of the screening machine, the ultrasonic control is really worth it. I simply place the 9V4 under the conveyor and the intelligent control starts the chute once sufficient material is in the hopper for permanent operation. The mineral mixture can be sold without the need for a secondary machine.”

A secondary crusher for the low-wear reduction of fractions up to 250mm

Finest crushed grain mixture
Depending upon the application and choice of toggle plate up to > 12.5 mm CSS and final product of < 32 – 70 mm.

Intelligent feed control
Control of the filling level with ultrasonics and automatic start/stop of the feeder upon direct belt feed.

Wheel loader or excavator feed
A generously sized hopper with lighting board control for automatic operations without personnel.

(Diesel)electric drive
The 9V3 is prepared for an external electricity supply while the 9V4 model has its own on-board diesel generator with the possibility to operate with fuel oil.

WOLFFs leg for low loader transport
A simple system patented by CityEquip for loading without the use of a crane.

SCREENING We construct screening machines with specific features in semi-mobile and staionary form. Washing stations, de-watering plants and sand screens round off this unique supply range.

CRUSHING Attractive and no complicated technology, using simple linear concepts. Jaw crushing equipment , movable on tracks and skids, are supplied tu customers in Germany and in the European states.

SIFTING Increasing quality demands and environmental restrictions require clean separation of light and heavy materials. Semi-mobile, track-mobile and stationary equipment concepts in different sizes conquer these challenges.

SORTING Ferrous and non-ferrous metals have experienced a rapid development in value. It is almost always worth sorting. Over-belt magnets, the magnetic drum and the container-mobile non-ferrous materials separating equipment pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

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