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Cooling Machine, cooler equipments for sale

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Cooling Machine, cooler equipments for sale

May 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Cooling Machine

A cooling machine is used for cooling slag, limestone , clay, and pulverized coal, etc. in building material, metallurgy, chemistry and cement production industries. It is also suitable for fine chemical cooling. Our cooling machine is also regularly used in compound fertilizer production lines.

Our cooling machine is primarily used for cooling industrial materials. If used in combination with a dryer, our cooling equipment will be able to increase cooling speed, reduce labor intensity and improve the quality of finished product.
Due to features like compact structure, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance and strong adaptability, our cooling machines are also applicable for cooling other many powdery and granular materials.

Cooling machine technical parameters:

Specification Drum Production capability Flow direction Reducer Electric motor Weight
Inner diameter Length Dip angle Rotate speed Model Power
m mm mm ° r/min t/h kw t
Φ1.2*10 1200 10000 2.5 5 -6 Counter flow JZQ400 7.5 10
Φ1.5*12 1500 12000 2.5 4.28 -8 JZQ500 15 19
Φ1.5*14 1500 14000 2.5 4.28 -8 JZQ500 15 21
Φ1.8*16 1800 16000 2.5 5 -12 JZQ600 18.5 24
Φ2.0*16 2000 16000 2.5 3.38 -16 JZQ650 22 40
Φ2.2*16 2200 16000 2.5 3.33 -18 JZQ650 22 48
Φ2.8*16 2800 16000 2.6 3.0 -35 ZSY355 75 68

We are one of the professional China-based cooling machine manufacturer. Our company locates in Shanghai, China. This location offers us convenient transportation by sea, land and air. Thus you can choose your transportation method at will.
Besides cooling machine, we also manufacture pre-crushing equipment, rotary kiln, and coal mill , among others. They are necessary equipment in a cement production line .

Single cooling machine

Single cooling machine is a rotary kiln production system equipment, and it is simple structure, stable performance, reliable operation. After the heat change, the waste gas may pull into the rotary kiln to enhance the thermal efficiency of the entire system.

Monocular colling machine is the man marching euipment for rotary dryer kiln production system,its structure is simple, proformance stable and operation reliable the waste gas after heat exchange will be imported into rotary kiln so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the whole system.

Cooler( mining machinery ), mining machine, mineral machine, mineral equipment, Compound fertilizer equipment

Application of Cooler

Cooler mainly used for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry, cool slag, limestone, coal clay, fine chemicals, also be used for fertilizer production lines.

Description of Cooler

Cooler used for the production of compound fertilizer, cool fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size. Use dryer for together can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and improve the quality, further remove moisture, reduce the grain temperature of fertilizer. At the same time can also be used for cooling other powder, granular materials.

Working principle:

Cooler is a kind of quench cooler.Its principle is to quench clinker which is laid in levels on the grate plates with cold wind from air blower.Temperature of clinker will be rapidly dropped from 1200 to be less than 100.Plenty of waste gases after cooling could not only be used as secondary air in the kiln,but also be heat source for drying coal in the coal mill .

The Main Features of Cooler:
(1)Compact structure

(2)High cooling efficiency

(3)Reliable performance

(4)Strong adaptability

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