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Crusher liner adopted new technology

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Crusher liner adopted new technology

April 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The cast zinc alloy for high temperature and room temperature, the lack of high-grade cement pouring, after careful analysis and research, and courageously carry out reform and innovation, for the simple, safe, environmentally friendly, moderate strength and hardness of filling, pouring easy flow, easy disassembly characteristics, to explore a replacement high-temperature and room temperature high-grade zinc alloy cone crusher cement mortar lining as new ways of filling – at room temperature epoxy filler (back rubber lining). Since the adoption of new filling technology has achieved good results, mainly in the following areas:

1, simple casting technique using epoxy resin adhesive only to be cast body contact surface rust, oil, dust, dry clean epoxy (no solvents) E-51, low molecular weight polyamide resin and other chemical substances 650 Add the order by a certain percentage and to add mixing, uniform mixing can be poured directly into the hole, freezing can be put into use after 24h. This operation is no specific temperature limit can be carried out at any time.

2, the risk coefficient of zero, zero emission technology of epoxy resin cast chemicals used in the mixing process without irritating gas spill, to prevent the zinc alloy heated to high temperatures back into the atmosphere or the mixing of toxic gases produced when high-grade cement dust , safety and environmental protection.

3, reduce the cost of epoxy resin (solvent-free) E-51, low molecular weight polyamide resins are all 650 common chemicals on the market, low prices. At the same time filling process heating and other operations no longer need to process, coke and energy saving resources, greatly reducing costs.

4, replacing the old liner during the demolition operation is simple, just to replace the liner cut with a gas welding, the resin used in the piece due to natural heat loss, no longer occur due to adhesion, surface roughness lead to removal difficult problem.

5, lower labor intensity, filled with epoxy resin casting efficiency technology assignments, only 1 to 2 employees, saving time and effort, quick and easy. Pouring from the blender to the completion of only 1h, meeting the technical performance of filling the same time, labor intensity has also been effectively reduced.

6, the adoption of high quality casting to bring the most obvious effect is to improve the quality of spare parts for assembly, clean cut, high precision surface. Because it is at room temperature for casting, solidification, porosity reduction, casting quality greatly improved. Assembly- line production system usually broken line, when one of the devices are forced to stop production due to damage, the whole broken system going to stop running. Crusher broken system as the main equipment , replacement or adjustment ring cone activity time than the longer, new filler crusher will reduce the maintenance workload for the enterprise, reduce labor intensity, with the attendant will bring very considerable economic efficiency, energy saving and improving the safety performance of great significance.

With technological development, cone crusher liner filler for all types of polymers have been gradually replaced by rubber lining the back, and has been recognized by the majority of users, Xiangfan City, the development and production of plant-based adhesive BD65, BD66 back rubber lining (broken machine fills plastic liner) for crusher liner and the substrate between the barrel and jacket stone clearance, support and protection of the cone of space filling layer / support, while the equipment was broken or the load of ore vibration impact When used as cushioning material; also used in ball and cylinder liner wear-resistant reinforcement structure of the gap, shock vibration. The material before curing: liquidity is good, filling and strong, simple operation, safety and environmental protection; cured: low shrinkage, adhesion, high carrying capacity, removable.

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