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Crusher Machine in Germany

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Crusher Machine in Germany

April 27, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Crusher Machine in Germany

Recently, a multi- hammer crusher and Germany work PSJ400 cement pavement breakers and supporting the use of a Z-Taiwan and Germany work together vibratory roller loading shipments. Germany on multi-hammer crusher concrete pavement since the market has been, with its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and short duration characterized by the market recognition of its design from the use of high performance and good customer praise, at present has been achieved mass production and sales.

Germany on multi-hammer crusher concrete pavement construction most important feature is the in situ regeneration, environmental protection and pollution-free, can be broken pavement directly in the grassroots or at the end of the grass-roots, coupled with putting up new cement concrete pavement or asphalt concrete pavement, and is not Cement Concrete Pavement ideal way to retrofitting. The product is mainly applied for the occurrence of serious diseases to a large area of cement concrete pavement spot broken through broken concrete from the Z-roller rolling, the formation of the internal embedded crowded, closely integrated, high-density material layer, directly as Road Base. This treatment process not only strengthens the gravel roads of the grass-roots strength and rigidity, eliminating the need for concrete waste transport costs, save construction time, construction is simple, modified duration is short, lower total cost, less impact on traffic during the construction period do not need all the closed traffic, but also to avoid the accumulation of waste concrete caused by a large number of environmental pollution.

In recent years, German industry is committed to develop and produce energy-saving environmental protection, in situ cold recycling equipment , such as access to national key new products, asphalt pavement cold recycling machine filled the gaps to achieve an alternative to imports, mainly applied to asphalt pavement repair tasks, energy-saving the salient features of environmental protection has gained rapid market acceptance, the product’s market share in recent years, far ahead in the domestic and the foreign sales of more than several well-known manufacturer of the sum for the country save a lot of foreign exchange; multi-hammer cement pavement crusher is mainly aimed at the regeneration of the cement road surface developed high technological content, the market prospect is broad.

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