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Crushing and screening plants DSU

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Crushing and screening plants DSU

June 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Obukhovskaya industrial company produces and delivers crushing and screening facilities for cube-shaped rubble, produces pre-commissioning, provides warranty and service, supplies components, replacement and spare parts , makes sketches and drawings for  customer replaceable parts (plates, armor, hammers) any import of crushing equipment .
Basic equipment, part of the crushing and screening facilities:
Crusher DIM 800
unit control

Process description: Breed CBC granite to 200mm sorting passes in the first rumble, freed from clay, dust, dirt. Then immediately follows in DIM800K-01, where the stage of secondary and tertiary crushing. At the output is sorted by thunder on fractions, with the return on dodrablivanie. Fragmentation in one step, the output of the highest quality gravel and sand.

Description of the process: The incoming rock is pre-sorting grates on the feeder. Trifle less than 70mm is sent immediately to the crash, giving an extra performance. The breed comes in 70mm above DIM 800K-01, where the crushing, sorting on the noise. The minimum set of equipment, low energy process, gravel of good quality.

Description of the process: The incoming rock is coarse grinding to a jaw crusher , then at the first rumble of screenings removed, dirt and clay. Breed 5-75mm is sent to the DIM 800K-01, where the final split, then sorting on the second crash. The final product-cubiform gravel, sand fractionated.

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