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Crushing Cavity Design, crusher liners

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Crushing Cavity Design, crusher liners

July 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The crusher liners which compromise the Gyradisc crushing cavity design are made up of an upper liner which is assembled to the bowl and a lower liner which is mounted on the head or main shaft assembly. Due to the wide range of feed and product requirements, the availability of variations in cavity design becomes an important factor in a successful Gyradisc operation.

Based on the feed and product requirements the throat opening designed as “B” in the diagram to the right is effected by the proper grinding of the liners. The reduction ratio per gyration is shown by comparing the open side dimension “C” with the closed side throat opening “B”. The closed side setting designated as “A” is normally between ¼” and ½” even when producing fine products in closed circuit below U.S. No. 8.

With coarse feed in the range of ½” to 4″ and for coarse aggregate requirements above U.S. No. 4 the throat opening “B” would be modified to permit entry of the feed into the attrition zone in sufficient volume to draw the design horsepower. This type of operation requires settings up to 1″. Refer to the table below.

Crusher Capacity Charts and Tables

Crusher Capacities are neither maximum nor minimum, and are based on results secured in actual practice. The figures shown apply to short tons of material weighing 100 pounds per cubic foot, and are based on a properly graded feed with the crusher consuming a minimum of 80% of the recommended horsepower. A feed size or minus ¾” is typical, but a minus 1½” feed can be readily accepted.

Optimum capacity is obtained with a closed side setting ranging between ¼” and ½”. The setting is not necessarily related to the closed circuit screen opening.

Factors which may affect capacity include, size of feed, friability, toughness and moisture content.
Figures shown under column “TPH THROUGH CRUSHER” are included for calculating screen areas.
For finer product requirements, contact Rexnord Process Crusherry Division.
The recommended screening areas were determined using the crusher product screen analysis.
SD and DD signifies single deck or double deck screen.

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