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Crushing for semi-mobile conveyor transport crushing plant

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Crushing for semi-mobile conveyor transport crushing plant

July 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Semi-mobile conveyor transport crushing plant : FIELDS OF APPLICATION
Extracted mineral resources in open cast mining and quarries have to undergo a size reduction to achieve a manageable size before being transported by conveyor systems for further treatment.

Semi-mobile conveyor transport crushing plant: FEED MATERIALS
Coal, limestone , gypsum, ore, chalk and similar materials.

Semi-mobile conveyor transport crushing plant: MODE OF OPERATION
The feed material is delivered via a ramp suitable for truck loading and dumped into a feed hopper. An Apron feeder running at the bottom of the hopper or a scraper chain conveyor conveys the feed material at a controlled rate to the crushing system. Once the material has been crushed it is deposited on a feed conveyor below the crusher and transported to a downstream conveyor belt system for further treatment. Semi-Mobile Crushing Plants consist of movable modules and can be shifted to follow exploration at the mine site.

Semi-mobile conveyor transport crushing plant: DESIGN
crushers represent the core of Semi-Mobile Crushing Plants. Depending on the application, various types of crushers can be utilized including for example Double Roll Sizer, Single or Double Roll Crushers.

Each crusher is equipped with a broad range of crushing tools designed to match the feed size and desired final output requirements.

Our scope of services includes the engineering of the entire Semi-Mobile Crushing Plant, including manufacture, assembly,  commissioning and check of crusher operation.

For 60 years AUBEMA has been manufacturing machines for the crushing and preparation of various feed materials. The company has exported about 6000 machines to over 60 countries since its founding. Based on state-of-the-art German engineering, AUBEMA Semi-Mobile Crushing Plants are distinguished by their low power consumption and flexible adaptation to changing conditions in open cast mining.

China: Huolinhe Coal Mine
Germany: Orenstein & Koppel
India: Neyveli Coal Mine
Thailand: Mae Moh Coal Mine
Banpu Coal Mine
Greece: Ptolemais
Netherlands: Swartow

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