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Delivery Program PVC/PU Conveyor Belts, Drive Belts,Rubber Conveyor Belts

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Delivery Program PVC/PU Conveyor Belts, Drive Belts,Rubber Conveyor Belts

April 1, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

conveyor Belts

PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene, rubber, reinforced belts, Teflon belts, curved continuous conveyor, elevator belts

Conveyor Belts Fabricated with

sidewalls, cross cleats, V-/rectangular ledge, special profiles, special laggings as well as with different profiling

Driving Belts

High-performance belts for middle and high performance classes, belts for tangential drive in the textile, paper and printing industry, belts with a running surface made of chrome leather for drives

Extruded Straps and Belts

V-belts, round belts, straps for special applications, for instance antibacterial requirements

Toothed Belts

Standard toothed belts may be equipped with different coatings and profiles, such as for instance Supergrip, polyurethane, Linatex, cross profiles, cams, etc. Of course, we also provide the corresponding standard belt pulleys as well as belt pulleys according to drawings.

Curved Plants Conveyor Belt Accessories

Drive/return drums, idler stations, idlers, scraper, skirts, elevator bucket made of plastics and steel

Installation Service (also refer to Installation)

equipment for Machines and Workshops (also refer to Engineering) Please order our detailed catalogue concerning conveyor belts.

NILOS Rubber Conveyor Belts new/renewed

NILOS supplies conveyor belts tailored to individual customer wishes.

Conveyor belts of extremely varied types have proved their suitability for use in all forms of moving goods and materials. Careful selection of suitable materials and fittings ensured a long service life and economic operation of the conveyor belt involved.

We can recommend the relevant suitable form of conveyor belt for each individual application in the handling of granulated and bulk materials whether in mining , in the chemicals or plastics industries, for loading and unloading vehicles, or to move earth and stone.

Depending on the requirements and intended application concerned, we can offer conveyor belts with fabric or steel cable inserts in a great variety of grades, degrees of finishing and surface properties.

Since we keep a suitable quantity of current types of conveyor belts in stock, we can ensure a high level of availability of conveyor belts for our customers as well as short delivery times.

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