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Details of Impact Crusher Installation Guide Work

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Details of Impact Crusher Installation Guide Work

June 19, 2023 nflg 0 Comments


Foundation drawing shows the impact crusher installation data, but this foundation drawing can not be as construction drawing plans; it is only for the user to take reference when they design the construction drawings. A durable and sizable solid foundation for the impact crusher is extremely important for its successfully running.

Impact crusher and its components weight

Foundation and upper lifting equipment design must take into account when a parameter is the weight of the impact crusher. In order to install or replace the broken lining or other wear parts, the lifting of the heavy impact crusher parts, you must install a bridge crane, or a tire or track-type mobile cranes, or a hanging chain, or other suitable lifting equipment. With reference to the impact crusher with parts of the weight of the table, you can calculate the required upgrading equipment specifications, including wire rope, slings, and hooks. The table shows the entire weight of the impact crusher and the need to constantly lifting the weight of the parts.

Impact crusher space size

Well-planned installation of impact crusher is an important condition for the effective. Impact crusher is the basis for the structure dimensions of the main parameters to consider. In the top of the impact crusher, to allow sufficient space for the demolition of the crushing cone and adjust the set department. In the basic side, it should be sufficient space for the demolition drive shaft. It should consider feeding device, such as the chute, feed hopper, and other auxiliary equipment which need space. It should be have sufficient space for feed room, transport aircraft and related equipment.

Feeding device

In the top of impact crusher the structure shall be fitted with appropriate feeding equipment. Impact crusher can obtain the highest efficiency depends directly on the feeding device. If the amount of feed to the crushing chamber filled with uniform material, impact crusher will be able to achieve maximum efficiency. In the maintenance of impact crusher, the feeding device structure should be easy to remove. Therefore, before determine the structure of feeding device; we should take in-depth careful planning.

Feeding equipment shall be made after thorough mixing of materials along with the distribution of both the crushing chamber. cone crusher impact requirements packed to the material, come in this way the production rate of feed and product size are thin and the unit energy consumption was significantly reduced. As to the material structure and material of the device depends on a material way, the manufacturer does not provided to the feeding device.

Whenever possible, it is better to set screen in front of impact crusher. In order to sieve the material from the crushing to fine materials and viscous materials, which will avoid the port of discharge material compaction caused by excessive congestion and spring compression, impact-type frequent overloading of breakers, broken and reducing efficiency. It should also be fitted with a metal detector to pick out not break like iron foreign bodies. These foreign bodies can cause bearing sets to beat, frequently overload, leading to frequent spring action, but also lead to premature failure of the spring.

It must be equipped with adequate feeding equipment to feed the enough material in to the impact crusher.

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