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Development of Heavy Duty and High Efficiency Mining Equipment

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Development of Heavy Duty and High Efficiency Mining Equipment

July 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Development of Heavy Duty and High Efficiency mining equipment

There are several iron ore mines having annual production over 5 Mt and up to 12 Mt where drilling rigs (rotary) of 310 mm dia bits, 7.6 – 12 m3 shovels, 108 – 240 tonne electric wheel trucks and other supporting equipment are being used. But 250 mm dia rotary drills or 200 mm dia down the hole drills are common.

Likewise 4 – 7.6 m3 shovels, 20 – 27 tonne trucks and 100 – 150 tonne electric locomotives are also commonly deployed in other opencast mines producing below 5 Mt per year. Since 1980, mechanisations in iron ore mines has been started especially in opencast mines and at the same time foreign equipment imported from other countries are now being manufactured in that country and some 10 types of such equipment are now being manufactured by indigenous companies including a few joint ventures with foreign companies. Considerable improvement has been made in the transfer facilities for ore-waste transportation within the constraint of small floor area, especially in the area of railway – track haulage system. To improve the automation level of truck haulage, computerised dispatch system has been introduced.

Further, computer control rotary drills, excavators, crushers , and in-pit crushing conveying system are now in practice. Now the semi- mobile crusher -transfer units, high strength steel cord conveyor belts and overburden spreaders with 60 m long boom are being developed.

Also in underground mines, computer control system for hydraulic jumbos, remote control LHD units and automatic hauling- hoisting system are being developed. There are several underground iron ore mines, producing more than 1 Mt per year, of which Jingtieshan mine having annual capacity more than 3 Mt, has deployed two boom hydraulic jumbos, 2-3.8 m3 electric and diesel LHDs and 20 tonne electric locomotives, and in other mines, single boom pneumatic jumbos, 1-2 m3 electric or diesel LHDs and 8 – 12 tonne electric locomotives are used.

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