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Drilling and Mining Equipment

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Drilling and Mining Equipment

May 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Drillshop specialises in the supply of high quality mining and drilling equipment to the exploration industry.

We stock a diverse range of diamond core bits, down hole surveying instruments, specialist drilling fluids, core barrel equipment, consumable items, non-slip safety products, environmental spill containment products and other associated items.

Drilling and mining equipment

The Drillshop promotes dedicated customer service combined with comprehensive, ongoing technical support and are backed by a comprehensive support network, guaranteeing a superior level of logistical and technical expertise. We are proud of our reputation for honesty and integrity.

The Drillshop is a current financial member of the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia, the Australian Drilling Industry Association and the Mineral Drillers Association of Australia.

Core bits for mine drilling

We have a range of core bits including: diamond impregnated core bits, surface set core bits, geotechnical core bits, tungsten carbide core bits, PCD core and non-core bits and pax set core and non-core bits. In addition we also stock and source a complete range of wireline core barrel components including LTK60, BQ, NQ, NQ2, NQ3, HQ, HQ3, PQ and PQ3 sizes.

We also represent the PROSHOT DUAL electronic multishot surveying instrument which features include access to survey information without the need to remove an outer brass casing, 12 month battery life, memory for up to 500 surveys and room to input hole reference information for each survey.

High-quality drilling fluids

The Drillshop is an authorised distributor of the Australian Mud Company range of high-quality drilling fluids. With more than 20 years experience, the Australian Mud Company has enjoyed a successful history supplying specialist drilling products and services to support the mineral, oil & gas, water well, horizontal directional drilling and civil & tunnelling industries.

We can also assist in providing a complete solution to the minerals drilling industry. This includes quality drilling fluids, equipment, dust suppression and environmental site remediation products.

Site-specific products can be developed for customers. Innovative and environmental alternatives are continually being developed to make life easier.

Environmental pollution-control products for mining

The Drillshop stocks a complete range of environmental pollution-control products and can provide obligation free spill risk assessments as well as free of charge training programs with your next purchase of environmental protection products.

Whether it is a spill of 1 litre of oil or 1000 litres of acid, The Drillshop can provide the right equipment to help protect staff, the company and the environment.

The following products are available:

* Spill kits
* Spill kit refills
* Absorbents
* Bunded spill pallets
* IBC spill containment
* Dangerous goods storage
* Drum handling and decanting
* Drip and catchment trays
* Portable bunds
* Salvage drums / overpacks
* Filters and water treatment
* Stormwater protection
* Bins, trolleys and carts
* Companion equipment
* Personal protection
* Signage
* Waste bags
* Laboratory / medical
* Marine applications

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