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Factors Affecting National-standard Sand Producing of Sand-making Machines

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Factors Affecting National-standard Sand Producing of Sand-making Machines

May 10, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Sand Producing of Sand-making Machines

With increasing demand sand and stones of construction, high way, railway and other industries. Many people choose river gravel, pebbles for sand making. Sand making has complete set of technology, complete process. For clients knowing little, our specially established clients serving center will offer you site investigation, and guidance for purchasers who are willing to invest but knowing little in sand making machines.

Sand making machines play vital roll in sand making line and stone processing line. Processing capactiy of sand making machines will be introduced first. Processing capactiy of sand making machines refers to amount of materiasl crushed in unit time, t/h is the commonly used unit. Thus, the most important issue is to increase the production capacity. First, we should have a general idea upon factors influencing processing capacity of sand making machines so as to move with certain targets.

Sand production line used in construction project

Sand production line is the mining equipment units that make raw gravel, silica, granite, limestone and quartz materials into aggregate and sand which will be used in construction directly with different size and even cubical shape. Sand production line is widely used in construction projects like building, road construction and railway construction, etc.

Building construction project: concrete is most important binding materials in building construction and sand is essential in concrete. Sand production line supply enough artificial sand to building construction project.

Road construction project: road base is earth construction. Subgrade of highway carries all the gravity loads of itself, road surface and vehicles driving on it, therefore, plays an important role in highway road construction. Road base need cubical and even shape sand which will makes road base more stable and NFLG sand production line produces the right sand road base needs.

Railway construction project: ballast is on the face of railway, acting as a buffer between train and railway base and adding protection against frost action when necessary. The size of ballast should be K30≥150 and n<28% which NFLG production line can produce.

Factors affecting production capacity of sand making machines

Generally speaking, there are many factors affecting production capacity of sand making machines, 6 factors are listed as follows and they are introduced as follows and related soloving plans are fowarded.

(1) Hardness of materials. Materials with higher hardness will be difficult for crushing with more damage to equipments. With slower sand making speed, capacity will be weaker. This requires us to choose suitalbe materials.

(2) Composition of matials, while there is more powder involved in materials, sand making will be affected more severely. As these powder will easily affect transportation. Thus, materials with big proportion of powder should experience screen first so as to slect powder from materials and guarantee common operation of sand making machine .

(3) Fineness of materials after sand making has high requirements to finess, that is to obtain smaller sand making capacity with finer materials. These are up to concrete requirements of ore selection, in case of special requirements, ordinary fineness should be set as mediate level.

(4) Stickness of materials. With higher stickness, materials are more easy to stick to equipments. Sticky materials in sand making machines are easily to stick to the inner side of crushing cavity. If not deleted in time, it will severely affect working efficiency of sand making machines and regular operation will be disturbed then. Thus, while selecting materials, materials with high stickness should be avoided.

(5) Material humidity, that is materials are likely to stick inside sand making machines while material humidity is high, and plug is likely to happen during discharge and transferring. To solve these problems, tempreture of materials should be controlled strictly during material selection. While tempreture of selected materials is high, percentage of water can be reduced by sunshining and wind drying.

To produce national-standard sand, materials should be selected first, feeding size, required capacity should be selected flexibly according to investment and real working site. Surely, equipped machineries should be confirmed according to this condition.

Sand making plant

As the leading mining equipment manufacturer, NFLG supply professional sand making plant to meet the wide sand making need in construction industry. NFLG sand making plants are of high capacity and high efficiency, with which you will win high profit and less wear and tear. NFLG high performance sand making plants are welcomed by our customers and have been sold to India, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Italy and United Kingdom.

VSI5X sand making plant is our newly-designed sand making machine designed based on our intrinsic sand making plants and decades of experience in this area. VSI sand making plant works with two methods: sand making method and crushing method. You can choose any method to meet your manufacturing needs. PCL sand making plant works with two kinds of crushing methods: stone to stone and stone to plate, which make the sand making plant more efficient to produce cubical and even sand.

VSI crusher for high quality manufactured sand

Manufactured sand with high levels of micro fines improves some important concrete properties such as compressive strength, workability, shrinkage, permeability and resistance to abrasion. The manufactured sand sizes are 0-2.4mm(for plaster sand), 0-4.5mm(for concrete sand) etc.

As the raw materials for producing manufactured sand is generated in the crushing of conventional aggregates, after the pre-crushing, the materials will be fed into VSI crusher for sand making. VSI crusher can generate particles with ideal gradation and particle shape for concrete production. It also can produce mortar sand with a top size of 2.4mm.

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