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Fluorite ore processing equipment: crusher, grinding mill

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Fluorite ore processing equipment: crusher, grinding mill

April 22, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Fluorspar or fluorite is a very important ore in mineral mining industry. The main fluorite mineral processing methods are gravity separation and flotation etc. As a result of fluorspar and brittle, so we need special fluorspar crusher for crushing such as jaw crusher , gyratory crusher , cone crushers , impact crushers, hammer crusher , vertical shaft impact crushers etc.

Fluorite ore dressing method

Fluorite ore dressing method is mainly gravity separation and flotation. The flotation method is widely used, is currently the only method to obtain high quality fluorite powder. And gravity separation method is mainly used for coarse grained dissemination of fluorite ore mineral processing, metallurgical grade fluorite ore block can be mine, while reducing the artificial hand selected for the labor intensity, improving the separation effect.

Fluorite ore is crisp and slightly broken, that produce more powder fluorite, thus crushing obtained after, coarse grain and bulk fluorite is less, therefore needs special fluorspar crusher, minimize the high grade fluorspar lump ore crushing.

The exploitation of fluorite ore by vibrating feeder to proceed with selected belt manual sorting, for a large chunk of high-quality fluorite ore, hand selected after fluorite into shaker screening classification, 0-8mm fluorspar into LTA1010 / 2 8-30mm into the AM30 jig, jig in gravity separation, to obtain two grain size grade fluorite mine. Fluorspar gravity 3-3.3, gangue proportion is generally around 2.3, because of the fluorite and gangue has a specific gravity difference, the jig for re-election good processing index can be achieved.

Fluorite ore dressing machinery

Jaw crusher for fluorite: Jaw crusher is the primary crusher; it is used in fluorite coarse crushing process. cone crusher is the fine crushing machine used in fluorite processing plant. After crushing process, fluorite is less than 15 mm.

ball mill is the most common used fluorite ore dressing machinery. After grinding, fluorite is less than 0.074mm. In order to get Concentrates, re-grinding process is essential. The final size of fluorite powder is usually 100 meshes, 200 meshes, 400 meshes.

Fluorite ore processing equipments manufacturer

As a professional fluorite ore processing equipments manufacturer NFLG can supply you fluorite crusher machines, fluorite grinding equipments, fluorite screening and feeding machines for sale.

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