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Granite crusher, granite crushing plant for sale

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Granite crusher, granite crushing plant for sale

April 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Granite crusher

Granite crusher is designed for granite crushing process for granite resizing and pulverizing. As is known, granite is igneous rock and contains SiO2 with a percent higher than 65%, which are mainly feldspar, quartz and talc, etc. Usually granite is used in sculpture and architecture decoration. To make full use of granite, also for changing waste into valuable, granite can be used in glazing producing, substituting feldspar and quartz. So granite crusher plays an important role in granite powder producing.

What’s more, with the features like texture hard and compact, high strength, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and low water absorption, granite is the first choice of construction aggregate, abrasives, glass, cement, ceramics, agriculture and fillers. NFLG granite crushers can produce even cubical shape granite sand and coarse granite powder, so it is your best choice for granite crushing production line .

The main application of granite is Roadstone used in road bed, building blocks and raw materials for cement making. So granite crusher is used for crushing granite stones into suitable size.

There are several types of crushing machine used as granite crusher.

jaw crusher is the primary granite crusher machine, it’s feed size is usually upto 1000mm, and the final size of granite dust can be adjusted from 10-100 mm. Jaw crusher has many models such as PE-750×1060, PE-1000×1200. While the capacity range from 5 t/h – 300 ton/h. There are another type jaw crusher – jc jaw crusher. It is small scale jaw crusher.

cone crusher is the most common crushing machine in the granite quarrying. It has four types: spring cone crusher, CS cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and hcs90 cone crusher. CS cone crusher has two type: standard CS cone crusher and short head CS cone crusher, these two kinds have several types: 2ft, 3 foot, 4 1/2 ft, 5 1/2 ft, 7ft CS cone crusher.

mobile crusher is the essential granite crusher equipment , it can unite crusher, belt conveyor and screening machinery .

Granite introduction

  • Scientific name: Granite
  • Color: light colored
  • Composition: Potassium feldspar, plagioclase feldspar, and quartz; differing amounts of muscovite, biotite, and hornblende -type amphiboles.
  • The average density: between 2.65 and 2.75 g/cm 3
  • Compressive strength: above 200 MPa.
  • Required crushing degree: Difficult
  • Commend Machinery: Jaw crusher, impact crusher , cone crusher, ball mill , vertical roller mill

Introduction of Granite:

Granite is a common and widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock. Granite dimension stone is used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments and many other exterior projects. Granite dimension stone is used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments and many other exterior projects. Granite is a prestige material, used in projects to produce impressions of elegance and quality.

Our crusher for Granite crushing:

Model Finished size Max.Feed size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Crushing Granite
Jaw crusher 10-300 125-1020 1-800 5.5-160 Yes
Impact crusher 10-85 300-500 35-260 37-260 Yes
Cone crusher 3-85 50-300 15-750 55-280 Yes
Ball mill 0.074-0.89 20-25 0.65-29 18.5-380 Yes
Vertical roller mill 0.045-0.170 38-55 10-128 185-900 Yes

Granite crushing line solution:

  • Proposal No.1: vibrating feeder , primary jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen , belt conveying system, control system
  • Proposal No.2: vibrating feeder , primary jaw crusher, fineness jaw crusher, impact crusher(optional), vibrating screen, belt conveying system, control system
  • Proposal No.3: vibrating feeder, primary jaw crusher, Compound cone crusher, impact crusher(optional), vibrating screen, belt conveying system, control system

All above these ways will ensure the products range of 30-500 t/p, which can satisfy the requirements of our customers. And with the combination of our gridning mill we can also make the final products become smaller to achieve high requirements !

Production line process of granite:

The granite will be entered the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder, and then be entered the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor to receive the screening. And after the crushing, the particle will be entered the secondary or tertiary crushing equipment to receive the screening and be transferred to the specific site by the belt conveyor. (instruction as follows )
Granite crushing line
Raw materials of Granite –> vibrating feeder –> Jaw crusher –> impact crusher –> vibrating screen –>belt conveyor –> Final products of Granite

The complete granite crushing plant includes jaw crusher as primary crusher, impact crusher as secondary crusher, cone crusher as fine crusher, and blet conveyor, screening machine.

According to the requirements of final size and shape, we can choose different granite stone crusher .
1. vibrating feeder + primary jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen + belt conveying system + control system
2. vibrating feeder + primary jaw crusher + fineness jaw crusher + impact crusher(optional)+ vibrating screen + belt conveying system +control system
3. vibrating feeder + primary jaw crusher + Compound cone crusher + impact crusher(optional)+ vibrating screen + belt conveying system + control system

NFLG is a manufacturer of granite stone quarry equipments in China, and supplies all kinds of stone crushers and grinding machines for granite, feldspar, mica, calcite, dolomite, calcium carbonate, and other stone mining , coal, cement plant, and mine ore benefication in USA, India, Vietnam, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Norway. NFLG provide not only granite crushing machine for sale with best price, but also the installation and maintenance service.

Uses of Granite:

  • 1. Granite Countertops: One of the most familiar uses of granite in the United States is in kitchen countertops.
  • 2. Granite Building Stone: Granite blocks for construction can be rough on all sides or finished on one or more sides.
  • 3. Granite Paving Stone: Granite paving stones or “pavers” can make a colorful and interesting way of paving a driveway or patio.
  • 4. Granite Memorial: Granite is the stone most often used as a grave marker in the United States and many other countries.
  • 5. Granite Backsplash: In addition to solid slab countertops, granite tiles can be used to create a colorful and durable work station.
  • 6. Granite Tile: Granite tiles are often used as flooring and wall panels to produce an elegant, high-luster space.
  • 7. Granite Facing Stone: In large construction projects granite can be used in two different ways: 1) as a structural element, and 2) as decorative facing or veneer.
  • 8. Granite Curbing: Granite is often used as a street curbing.
  • 9. Granite Monument: Mount Rushmore, a granite monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota is a tribute to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln that is carved directly into the mountain.
  • 10. Granite Slabs: Projects begin with an idea and a rough piece of rock.

Granite crusher features

NFLG is the professional stone crusher manufacturer and NFLG granite crusher has been sold to more than 50 countries like India, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Russia, French, Korea, Finland, Norway, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

NFLG granite crushers are ideal for:

Granite cone crusher is widely used in the breaking and crushing hard materials. When production volume in industrial and mining enterprises raw materials crushing is small, we can choose jaw or roll crusher. But in larger companies, we choose cone granite crusher. NFLG granite crushers can be used in processing high hardness materials, like AZS refractory, but we shall take the corresponding measures.

For the requirements of producing more cubic particles occasions, NFLG granite crusher has excellent performance. It is proved that cone crusher produces more cubic particles, especially near the discharge opening of its size the width of that part of the grain size, the product shape is good, cubic granules.

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