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Graphite processing equipment: crusher, grinding mill

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Graphite processing equipment: crusher, grinding mill

May 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Graphite processing equipments have many types in recent grinding industry. In the graphite production lines, NFLG can supply you the developed superfine grinding mill with the leading grinding technology in graphite processing industry.

Graphite crushing machine

jaw crusher is graphite coarse crusher used in primary crushing process. CS cone crusher is the graphite fine crusher used in secondary and tertiary crushing process. hammer crusher also is the graphite fine crushing equipment used in graphite beneficiation plant.

These graphite crusher machine compose several crushing process used in graphite processing plant. After crushing process, graphite is usually crushed into small sizes less than 15 mm.

Graphite processing plant

In the Graphite processing plant, although it is thick-bedded amorphous graphite and vein graphite is almost always beneficiated. The great majority of world flake graphite production is crushed and ground if necessary and beneficiated by flotation.

In the Graphite powder manufacturing process, the incoming graphite products and concentrates can be ground before being classified (sized or screened), with the coarser flake size fractions (below 8 mesh, 8–20 mesh, 20–50 mesh) carefully preserved.

Rough graphite is typically classified, ground, and packaged at a graphite mill; often the more complex formulations are also mixed and packaged at the mill facility.

The advantages of graphite

1. Good chemical stability: the most widely used phenol impermeable graphite, in addition to strong oxidizing acid and alkali, to most acids are stable. FS type of impermeable graphite has excellent acid resistance and alkali resistance of.

2. High coefficient of heat conductivity in non metal materials thermal conductivity higher than it is in a metal sole structure materials, from several configurations of the thermal conductivity of the material can be seen, it is second only to the copper and aluminum, 6 times larger than stainless steel, carbon steel is 2 times bigger than in non metal material, first, it is used extensively for heat exchange equipment.

3. Linear expansion coefficient is small. Sensitivity to temperature variations is small, use it to produce equipment in high temperature to maintain the original shape and mechanical strength, and ceramics, glass and other corrosion resistant high silicon cast iron materials, has a much higher thermal stability, graphite can be a very good resistance to thermal shock. Pressure type graphite element surface is not easy to scale graphite and most of the medium between the” affinity” minimal, so dirt is not easy to be attached to the surface.
4. Good machining performance of graphite in addition to not rolling and forging, can be a variety of mechanical processing.

Graphite grinding mill

Graphite grinding mill is widely used for producing fine graphite powder in different grade.
Our graphite processing plant can produce all kinds of graphite products to meet the market. The size is from 8mesh, 8-20mesh to 20-50mesh, and the purity is from less than 90%, 90-96%, to 94-96%, 96- 100% etc.

In a common graphite processing plant, medium carbon graphite with quality less than 90% is produced. The main graphite grinding equipment are still the traditional normal grinding mills (such as ball mill , rod mill etc.).

Due to different characters of graphite ores, NFLG machinery manufactured the trapezium mill , ultrafine mill for high purity graphite powder production. The mill will do several strengthening regrinding, products with 90 ~ 95% quality will be gained after flotation, which has a good sale market.

Graphite processing

Impermeable graphite equipment and other components of the manufacturing process, along with the equipment structure vary, mechanical properties and hardness of cast iron cast iron are similar, it is small, generally using metal cutting tools and woodworking tools can be processing, such as cars, planning, milling and drilling.

Sawing, grinding and other processing, because the graphite itself strength less brittle, generally uses two times of dipping and two processing methods, to enhance their strength, to ensure that the processing precision. In the process of graphite mill equipment is important to performance, professional graphite processing equipment can improve efficiency, guarantee the quality of graphite.

NFLG is a crusher machine and grinding mill manufacturer in China, and supplies all types of crushing, screening, and grinding machines for graphite mining , beneficiation and processing in India, Madagascar, Austria, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Canada, Czech, Turkey, Mexico, and Korea. We supply not only the machinery, but also the satisfactory After-Sales Service: installation, and maintenance service.

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